So, you get into your car and try to stream music or podcast; all you get is a Tesla streaming loading error. We got you covered. In this writing, we will guide you on everything about Tesla infotainment systems and how to solve such errors. Read on. Every computer system is prone to temporary malfunctions. Think of your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Sometimes it fails to run the apps, and you restart the operating system to set everything in order. So is the case with Tesla and any other computerized vehicle. While we cannot resist Technology, loading error Tesla is one of the most reported issues with the Tesla models. But the solution is simple: refresh the operating system if the tesla radio not working and have everything running like before. Tesla automaker understands the ins and outs of a computer system. That’s why they have set appealing digital controls and the user interface to interact with the vehicle system. And once you learn how to play around with the controls, nothing will hinder you from listening to music while behind the wheel.

Understanding Tesla Infotainment System

The moment you learn of the Tesla streaming loading error, know the whole fault is with the infotainment system. But what is an infotainment system? Tesla's infotainment system is the control center of all vehicle operations. In the traditional vehicles before Elon Musk and his team decided to lead us the “Green” way, we were used to vehicle dashboard buttons and knob controls. Examples are speedometers, AC systems, radios, fuel gauges, temperature gauges, and other controls. photo: Understanding Tesla Infotainment System   In Tesla models, the manufacturer installed a user interface (screen tablet) that allows the driver to control everything through menu navigation instead of traditional controls. This control system is what Tesla named the infotainment system. Needless to say, you will see different infotainment system designs in various Tesla models. For example, the display is vertical in models S and X, while in models 3 and Y, it’s horizontal.

How Do You Use the Infotainment System?

Tesla streaming loading error occurs when you interact with the system to turn on some entertainment. We will guide you with a few display examples using the Tesla Model 3. Nothing to worry about because, despite the design, the operations are almost similar.

Tesla Media

You can listen to the internet radio by selecting the available stations on the screen. You can also stream music on the media player using Bluetooth or a USB connection to your devices. Additionally, there are several apps you can access, like Spotify, and some video streaming services, such as Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu, among others, through the Theater menu. photo: Tesla Media On the other hand, you can play games using the Tesla displays by controlling everything on the steering. Surprisingly, you can also access the web browser and search for anything you need on the internet. But what if you learn Tesla streaming not working? You are about to learn the solution. Read on!

Tesla Car is in Parking Mode

The left pane of the display shows some basic car information, like the car in parking mode, the car model, and the current charge. On the left, it displays the map of the car's location.

Tesla Car Moving

While moving, the left pane displays all around the car to help the driver note obstacles. It also shows a digital speedometer. On the left pane, it displays the map or the direction of the destination you have selected. photo: Tesla Car Moving  

Other Features that Tesla Infotainment Offers

Tesla has a wide range of features like charging and a top display bar with options like Bluetooth, Wi-fi, a dashcam, and others. There are also features like maps and navigation, car settings, climate control, volume controls, lights, locks, and autopilot, among many other features.

How Do You Fix the Tesla Streaming Loading Error?

You can fix Tesla streaming loading error with four different approaches. One of the approaches is very effective, but that doesn’t mean others cannot fix the error. We mean that you need to try everything and see what works for your car. But there is also the final option if the tesla screen not working still. And without further ado, let’s learn the four approaches: First Approach: Turn off the car for a few minutes and turn it on afterward. The system will load, and the streaming option will work. However, it may work for some users and fail for others, depending on the cause of the error. Second Approach: Disconnect the car's internet for some time and reconnect to see if the streaming option will load. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone's hotspot. This option may work or fail, depending on the error cause. Third Approach: Rebooting the infotainment system to see if the streaming option will work. This approach works for most users. As such, we have decided to cover it in a separate topic. Read everything about infotainment reboot on the next topic. Fourth Approach: Check for the car updates if you reboot the infotainment and the streaming error continues to pop up. You can do some updates: Netflix, Youtube, and the tesla Tidal update, among others. When this problem occurs, probably the car’s 3G coverage isn’t working. So, visit the service center for updates. Let’s learn the most exciting and practical approach: resetting the infotainment system.

How to Reset Tesla Infotainment System

Before we get too deep into how to restart tesla screen, we will learn about one crucial feature: MCU. Tesla Media Control Unit (MCU) is a large touchscreen that controls non-essential functions in the car. The MCU comes in two versions; MCU 1 and MCU 2. And to reset the infotainment system, you involve the MCU. Note that the resetting procedure is almost the same in Tesla models. But you may note a slight difference in some cars. We will cover how to reboot tesla model Y and 3. Afterward, we will also cover models S and X. Note that it’s vital to confirm the procedure on your car manual.

How to Soft Reboot Tesla 3/Y Models

The soft reboot disconnects some components from power, like the instrument cluster and touchscreen. Usually, a soft reboot has two approaches: touchscreen soft reboot and full vehicle soft reboot. Ideally, try a touchscreen soft reboot; if it fails, do a full vehicle soft reboot.

Touchscreen Soft Reboot Tesla 3/Y Models

Step 1: Park the car. Step 2: Hold the scroll wheels on the steering wheel until the screen goes off. photo: How to Soft Reboot Tesla 3Y Models Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds until the touchscreen and information cluster resets.

Full Vehicle Soft Reboot Tesla 3/Y Models

Full vehicle soft reboot in models 3 and Y has two effective methods you can choose from.
1st Method
Step 1: Park your car and close the doors. Step 2: Press down the brake pedal and hold the scroll wheels on the steering wheel concurrently. The screen will go off. Step 3: Wait until the screen turns on.
2nd Method
Step 1: Park your car and close the doors. Step 2: Go to the screen and select safety and security. Then, click the power off option. photo: 2nd Method Step 3: Avoid touching the controls, brake, or doors for around 5 minutes. Step 4: Afterward, start the car.

How to Hard Reboot Tesla 3/Y Models

Step 1: Park the car and turn it off. Step 2: Open the frunk and remove the top panel. Step 3: Disconnect the 12V Battery terminal. photo: Disconnect the 12V Battery terminal. Step 4: Open the back door Step 5: Fasten the backseat seatbelts. Step 6: Release the clips holding the seat by swapping the hand underside. Then, lift the seats. Step 7: Remove the wire harness foam cover. Disconnect the wire harness and unplug it. Step 8: Wait for about 5 minutes and replace everything.

How to Soft Reboot Tesla S/X Models

Although some procedures in 3/Y and S/X are similar, there are slight differences. Take a look at how to reboot the S and X models:

Touchscreen Soft Reboot Tesla S/X Models

The process is similar to modes 3 and Y.

Full Vehicle Soft Reboot Tesla S/X Models

The option one power-off method is similar to models 3 and Y. Else; you can apply the second method as described below: Step 1: Park your car and close the doors. Step 2: Press the brake pedal, hold the scroll wheels, and the two buttons above the scroll wheels, and the screen will go off. (Note, in 3/Y, you hold only the scroll wheels, while in S/X, you hold the scroll wheels and the two other buttons. photo: Press the brake pedal, hold the scroll wheels Step 3: Wait until the screen turns on.

How to Hard Reboot Tesla S/X Models

The 12V battery disconnection procedure is the same as in the 3 and Y models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do I Stream Music From My Phone to My Tesla?

Tesla music streaming with a smartphone is easy. Choose the media player’s phone source on the screen. Then, open Bluetooth connected device and touch connect. Your vehicle system will start to play the active audio on your phone. If you haven’t turned on the audio, select the file and test if the system is playing.

Why Is There No Connectivity in Tesla?

Tesla vehicle Connection error comes with AT&T network issues. This is because, as of 22nd February 2022, Tesla discontinued the 3G services. Upgrade your car network to a 4G LTE modem to solve the issue.

How Do You Listen to Music in Your Tesla?

Select the media player, then USB, and touch tha folder with the music you intend to play. After the songs display, you can select any song you need or choose to play the whole folder.

When Should I Reset Tesla vehicle?

  1. If you find the Tesla touchscreen unresponsive.
  2. If multiple systems in the car develop connectivity issues.
  3. If a recently updated software fails to function normally.
  4. If error messages won’t go away for an extended period.
  5. If instructed to reset by an expert.

Our Verdict

Tesla streaming loading error occurs as a result of a malfunctioning infotainment system. You can apply the four approaches: switching off the car, disconnecting the internet, resetting the infotainment, and the final option after all fails is to visit the service center for updates. The streaming error happens as with all computer systems. But after all, tesla has brought about safety and other features in the auto world. Salute to Elon Musk and his team.