Any sensible DIYer, garage owner, and vehicle owner worth his salts need to have a 110v portable air compressor as part of his tools. There, we said it, it is a need-to-have tool if you want to have some real work done around your garage or your house. A good quality small 110 air compressor to the largest 110v air compressor is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have, period.

We also know why you are here, that is why we will give you the lowdown on what to look for when purchasing this equipment for yourself. Think of this as a handy checklist when shopping around for this amazing piece of equipment.

Continue reading below for a more comprehensive look at what makes the best 110v tire inflator.

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CAvid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, 12V DC / 110V AC
The compact and portable Avid Power 12V / 120V tire pump is the perfect car accessory to get you on the road quickly and safely.

Best 110V Air Compressor Buying Guide

We are not going to spoonfeed you the best brands of the highest cfm 110v air compressor out there, but we will let you know what makes them the best. What are features and specifications are included in their design that make them popular?

Types of 110V Air Compressors

Pancake type air compressors

This air compressor is not the Biggest, but rather the opposite, having only enough compressed air for light-duty work. This is characterized by the small, flat, and oval-shaped tank where compressed air is stored. The tank closely resembles a pancake, hence the name.

This is where the best ac/dc tire inflator are categorized as they are small enough to be operated via a car’s power supply.

One of the most interesting things about this compressor is that the oil is sealed inside the unit, making for the cleanest plug-and-play operations for such a machine possible.

Hot Dog type air compressors

This 110v mini air compressor also gets its name from the shape of its compressed air tank, which as you might have guessed, is shaped like a hotdog. One thing to remember about this type of air compressor is that they are relatively louder than a pancake-type air compressor.

This can power a multitude of tools, ranging from the usual tire compressor up to light-duty tools. They are indeed louder, but they can hold much more air and can handle higher PSI than the pancake type of air compressor.

Portable type air compressors

Portability is one thing that should be immediately considered as it is dependent on how one will be using the equipment. If you are the person who owns a shop and continuously does projects, then a heavier capacity 60-gallon air tank compressor may work for you.

However, if you plan on lugging it around for home repairs in and around your area, a smaller more portable one will do such as the teromas company air inflator. These portable air inflators can be had for just under $50.

Tips for Buying and Using a 110V Air Compressor

Perhaps the most important question one must ask and answer before buying an air compressor is how and what they will be using it for. To put it into perspective, if you are going to primarily use the compressor for painting and cleaning then a smaller-capacity air compressor will work just fine for you. Not just that but smaller capacity would also mean increased portability, which is a huge plus for the said jobs.

While a smaller capacity tank may be enough for light-duty work, the same cannot be said for garage work and operating pneumatic tools.

For this, you will need a heavier-gauge compressor that will sacrifice its portability for a bigger tank and motor. It is a trade-off but what a larger tank and motor means is also a more powerful source to drive your tools and equipment.

Other additional details to watch out for would be the length of the power cords as well as how long the included hoses are. If you want a more portable setup, check out the package if there are handles or a set of wheels for easier transportation.

Usage always involves making sure that safety is a priority and right at the very top is making sure you use a suitable length for its power cord. Avoid using extension cords as they may cause overheating which can lead to a fire. A tip is to use hose extensions instead of electrical wiring.

Before usage make sure that the placement of the compressor is secure and stable they can vibrate or move quite a bit when in use and may fall off or topple if not secured. Check for anything loose such as screws and nuts before usage and make sure to drain the compressed air inside if you plan on storing it for a longer period of time.

We do not want you to miss anything, and we want to be as comprehensive as possible in this article so we included a few of the most asked questions regarding this equipment below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long does it take the tank to fill when it is empty?

This is dependent on how large and powerful the attached motor is to pump the air into the tank. In general for an average-sized air compressor, this takes anywhere between 2-5 minutes. For larger capacity tanks, it may take longer.

Will my compressor easily inflate car tires?

The straight answer is yes as the average tire only requires 35 PSI and is well within a small air compressor’s range of pressure.

The larger the air compressor is the easier it will be to inflate a car tire even when started from a flat to fully inflated.

Do air compressors work in frigid cold temperatures?

Air compressors are not complicated machines and will work just fine in cold temperatures provided it has ample protection from the elements.

Although heavy-duty air compressors may not function as efficiently as they would in their normal operating temperatures.

Does it come with a hose?

Almost always these compressors come packaged with everything you need to get started, however they may just be short for what you may have in mind. Usually, buyers can just add an extra length of hose to maximize the reach of their air compressors


The above information is far from comprehensive, but they are what you need to know as a buyer. More often than not, the choice depends on how and where the owner will use the equipment that dictates the overall specs. Whether a large tank, a higher capacity of PSI range, and portability will always be dependent on the usage scenario. It is our hope to have helped you in your selection process.

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