The 9012 led headlight bulb is considered one of the popular led bulbs used today. They are often referred to as hir2 bulb equivalent. The 9012 LED bulbs and 9011 led headlight bulbs share a similar design with the HIR2. These headlights bulbs feature up to 12000 lumens, with 70W, which is super bright.

Also, people ask the question, are the 9012 bulb same as h7? Though these two headlight bulbs share similar characteristics, the 9012 appears to be brighter than the h7.

Also, this headlight bulb is easy to install. You do not need to worry about conversion; with the proper conversion kit, converting from the basic halogen headlight bulb to a 9012 LED headlight bulb is very easy.
In addition, 9012 LED bulbs come with a spectacular cooling system that allows for durability and energy efficiency. The 9012 LED is considered one of the best LED headlights for GMC sierra. The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra is regarded as the brightest 9012 headlight bulb in the market today.

8 Top 9012 Led Headlight Bulb

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Differences Between Halogen and LED Headlight Bulbs or 9012 LED bulb fits what cars

The two most popular headlights in the car markets remain Halogen and Led. They strive to dominate the headlight market and are popularly referred to as the battle between the old and new lighting. It is important to note that these two headlights have unique features and fit different needs. This section will show you the difference between the two headlights and the best suits you.

Clarity, Bright Light

Led headlights are best known for their precise and bright lights. Its clear and bright lights are so effective that they can be noticed even during the daytime. They allow drivers to easily spot specific details of the roads like signs, markings, potholes, and many more. They are instrumental at nighttime.

However, when comparing the Halogen headlight with the LED headlight, there is a vast difference between the two bulbs when comparing Halogen headlight with the LED headlight. Halogen does not seem to fair well against the LED headlight. It produces a small intense yellow light directed right in front of the vehicle. In contrast, the LED has a broad light pattern.


Car manufacturers are innovating their designs to produce some of the most beautiful cars. One of the ways they use to achieve this is by designing fancier with more modern headlights that look more attractive to their customers. This flexibility is made possible with Led Headlights. Led Headlights are small and less visible, giving the car manufacturer the flexibility to be more creative with their designs. This contrasts with the bigger Halogen bulbs, which are difficult to maneuver.


Price is an essential consideration if you want a quality headlight bulb. You tend to tie your purchase to what your budget can afford. Regarding the price, the Led Headlight Bulb is more expensive than its counterpart, the Halogen bulbs. This may be because the halogen is cheaper and has been in the market longer. The Led lighting is fairly recent and more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I replace my Halogen Headlights with LED headlights?

Yes, you can replace your Halogenhealight bulbs with Led Headlights. The Led headlights offer drivers brighter lights than the dull yellowish lights of the halogen. To make this conversion, the customer will need a conversion kit.

Many vehicles with traditional halogen bulbs can be easily converted to Led bulbs in simple do-it-yourself techniques. This may require you to take out the entire halogen bulb and plug and replace it with the Led kits. But this is usually worth it, as the led bulbs offer you brighter lights, energy efficiency, longer hours and are easily replaced.

When it comes to the legality of LED headlight upgrades, customers must consider the state’s specific laws. Generally, the lawfulness of LED headlights depends on how bright the headlights are. A beam of up to 50 to 100 meters is considered okay.

We recommend you consult a professional regarding the legality of the headlight upgrade to halogen your state before proceeding with the upgrade. If illegal in your state, your vehicle may fail the inspection tests and not drive on the road.

Is it necessary to replace both headlights?

No! Although this is not necessary, we recommend it. However, factory bulbs will usually have the same life expectancy. This means that when one bulb burns off, the other is more likely to burn off soon. We recommend you change both bulbs.

Replacing both bulbs means you can easily predict when the bulb will go off, usually at the same time. Also, older bulbs produce weaker light than then new bulbs. This means your vehicle headlight will produce uneven lights and can be dangerous. Changing both bulbs is also time-efficient. You don’t want to change one bulb and still have to change another in a couple of days.


Choosing the right headlight bulbs for your vehicle is not a daunting experience as you may expect. Customers are encouraged to consider factors like installations, brightness, and durability. Many 9012 LED headlights meet these specifications and are recommended for drivers today. Also, 9012 headlight bulb replacement is done easily.

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