Anti-Seize Compounds are high quality products that protect metal parts against wear, corrosion and seizure. The combination of solid lubricants in the formulation makes them suitable for the friction conditions created by a combination of low speed and high pressure. Compounds facilitate assembly and disassembly of joints, threaded joints, including the elimination of seizure and wear of parts throughout the life of the equipment. Exposure to harsh environments and chemicals, high temperatures, high loads and vibrations - these are all things against which Anti-Seize Compounds can provide high quality protection.

Products extend the life of fittings and fasteners. Reduce equipment downtime due to seizure. Anti-Seize Compounds are used on all metals, including stainless steel, aluminum and soft metals.

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Anti-Seize Grease: Purpose and Characteristics

The appearance of scuffing on the metal is a common problem in equipment operating under high loads and temperatures. They represent the transfer of metal particles from a less rigid to a more rigid part during the friction process.

As loads increase, strong bonds form between the contacting surfaces (micro-welding), which cause damage to the parts during further relative motion, and the connections are difficult to disassemble.

Universal greases are not suitable for this task, as they are squeezed out of the contact area under high loads, burn out when the temperature rises, evaporate and are washed out.

Therefore, special extreme pressure greases have been developed, which contain special components that help to ensure long and reliable operation of joints.

Anti-Seize Grease is designed to prevent seizure, seizure, micro-welding of mating surfaces.

It is a high viscosity plastic compound with solid lubricant particles distributed in it.

Anti-pressure lubricants are used in the assembly of press fits, threaded joints and other heavily loaded assemblies.

They not only facilitate mounting, but also enable easy disassembly without the need for additional equipment. This is made possible by the prevention of seizure of parts.

There is no clear distinction between extreme pressure, anti-friction and anti-wear lubricants. That is why any composition with high antiwear properties is both anti-friction and anti-wear.

The most common are antiseize copper, graphite, disulfide molybdenum, aluminum and nickel lubricating compositions.

Solid greases in the composition are responsible for increasing load-carrying capacity and performance under extreme conditions.

During the friction process they fill in the surface microroughnesses of the parts, forming a thin, smooth separating film. It minimizes friction, prevents direct contact of parts, excluding their damage and welding.

These types of lubricant formulations differ in the amount of solid components used.

The greases add about 2 percent solid lubricant powders to the mass fraction of the product, while the pastes consist of half of the solid components.

What is an anti-seize grease paste?

Anti-seize grease paste - is a lubricant which is a tiny particle of solid lubricant dispersed in base oil.

The oil in the composition is necessary to facilitate the application process and increase adhesion to the metal.

One of the most effective types of pastes are materials based on solid lubricants of layered crystalline structure - molybdenum disulfide, graphite. Due to the structure of the materials a very low coefficient of friction of surfaces with applied lubricants is provided.

Main Characteristics of the anti-seize paste:

  • High load capacity
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Water resistance
  • Temperature resistance (up to +450 °C in contact with air, up to +600 °C with limited air access)
  • High metal adhesion
  • Long service life
  • Ease of application - availability of aerosol packaging

In addition to protecting against damage during installation and operation, the anti-seize lubricating paste provides protection against fretting corrosion, facilitates running-in, and effectively lubricates friction pairs that are highly prone to seizure (e.g. high-alloy steels).


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