Seez is a micro-point welding in the place of contact of metal surfaces, which is accompanied by flaking of metal, appearance of depressions and cracks. Such processes occur under overloading at friction points (sliding or rolling). For example, in the place of contact of parts that move at low speed, but are subjected to high pressure. Or at the point of contact of parts that under the influence of high speed are heated to the melting point of the metal.

Anti-pressure greases, pastes and compounds are used to protect equipment and extend its service life. They have excellent adhesion and a high melting point so that they keep a protective film between the parts at very high temperatures (1000 °C and above) and loads (over 70 MPa). The absence of tears in the film guarantees the protection of parts from direct contact.

Our product range includes anti-seize pastes with food grade H1 (occasional food contact), grease and aerosol, with heat resistance up to 1500 °C. Copper anti-seize grease as well as nickel, graphite and molybdenum disulfide formulations are available.

9 Top Anti Seize For Aluminum

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Anti-Seize Compounds for Aluminum and their Applications

Anti-Seize Compounds are related to lubricants. The main purpose of applying such compositions on metal parts is to prevent the appearance of scuffing on their surface. Application of Anti-Seize Compounds also reduces the wear rate of metal parts.

Anti-scuffing compositions are the most effective against fretting corrosion. Therefore, they are most often used to protect all kinds of couplings and bushings, nuts, bolts, mounting blocks, keys and splines. Also anti-seize compounds and pastes are indispensable in the process of assembly or disassembly of parts of various units and under severe operating conditions of mechanisms.

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