Car window tints used to be just an aesthetic option for car owners, a way to make their rides look more pleasing to the eye. As technology advanced, more types of window tint began to appear and they started going beyond good looks. Today, types of tinting do not only offer the best look for your vehicle but offer increased visibility, heat reduction, and scratch protection Not all car window tints are created equal though, and the market is teeming with low-quality ones that can damage your windows and be downright dangerous for driving. Choosing the best car window tint without pre-existing knowledge can be challenging at best and hazardous at times. In this article, we pierce through the low-quality junk and came up with seven of the best car window tints available in the market today.

Top Pick
WPCTEV One Way Mirror Window Film
The list starts with our top choice pick and comes out first as we look at window tint differences. The WPCTEV One Way Mirror Window Film stands out among the rest with its one-way privacy window feature that is available in a variety of colors to suit your tastes and preferences. Night becomes day and the brighter lights become pleasing to the eye while providing you and your family the privacy and comfort that they need.

The best window tint brands

With our goal of helping you cut through the confusion, we feel it is prudent to mention some of the best brands out there that are taking the lead in the window tint industry including some of the best ceramic window tint, metallic tint, as well as dyed tinting films.
  • WPCTEV – This brand is considered as a leader in static cling DIY window tint technology. The company’s unique no glue approach in installing window tints resulted in a removable solar window tint. Their products double as a privacy screen as well as dramatically enhancing the strength of the windows.
  • GILA – CPFilms Inc., owns this long time contender in the world of window tints and has been continuously providing high-quality products. Gila’s products consistently gather high marks in every gila window tint review. Backed up by 60 years of experience by its parent company Eastman Chemical Company in Martinsville, Va you can be assured to get only the best quality window tint films.
  • ATMOMO – This company has carved its niche in the automotive accessory business and produces some of the most unique colors for tinted windows and automobile enthusiasts love them. Their window tints offer 100 UV protection preventing damage to your car’s interior while making sure your car looks great as well. Their products include some of the best pre cut window tint in the business.
  • MKBROTHER – MKBrother window tints are known for producing the most efficient dyed tints for automobiles. Their dyed tints are manufactured differently producing the highest quality finishes. The process combines traditionally mixing the dye and adhesive but spraying them in one continuous flow of coating. This process allows them to still price their tints competitively while having exceptional and top-notch quality.

7 Best Window Tint for Car:

WPCTEV One Way Mirror Privacy Window Film

One Way Mirror Window Film: image Stand out features This window film from WPCTEV acts like a one-way mirror guaranteeing your privacy day in and day out. It can be installed on any type of window, whether double-pane or single and blocks out 97% of harmful UV rays of the sun. They come in a variety of colors that is sure to match any taste. In addition, it also blocks out 85% of infrared rays. This combination of infrared and UV blocking feature ensures temperature efficiency as well as UV damage prevention to furnishings. Easy to install static cling and non-adhesive features, making it easy to take off and put on.
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Black Magic Metallized Tint Film

Black Magic 5044827 Premium Metalized Coating Tint Film: image Stand out features Tint does not go blacker than the Black Magic Metalized Window Tint as this product only allows 5% Visible Light Transmission. As if that is not enough, this metallized coating tint also blocks 99% of harmful UV light. This translates to less fading of your dash and seat vinyl making your car look new longer. It is effortless to put on as it sticks via static cling technology and does not leave any residue on your windshield. The coating can be taken out, cleaned, and then reattach again giving it value for your money. The metal layer sandwiched between the coatings allows the tint to reflect light, making it ideal for those living with hot weather.
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Gila XLB242 Xtreme Limo Glare Control Tint

Gila XLB242 Xtreme Limo Black 2.5% VLT Automotive Window Tint: image Stand out features Gila's reputation especially when it comes to window tints is well-deserved but the GILA XLB242 Xtreme Limo Black tint takes the crown when it comes to being dark. The limo tint allows only 2.5% VLT on this product as well as 97.5% UV light protection. The low VLT and effective UV filtration ensure comfort and constant temperature maintenance on any trip. The dark tint will not impair visibility but rather enhances it as it prevents glare, especially during nighttime driving. The Gila Xtreme Black comes in rolls or in a DIY kit that is a breeze to install. Gila primarily markets this tint as geared towards the DIYer.
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Wimax Uncut Roll Window Tint Film

Wimax Limo 3% VLT 36" in x 20' Ft Feet Uncut Roll Window Tint Film: image Stand out features Wimax's Limo Window tint comes in a roll of 36" X 20' making it perfect for both home and automobile use. The roll comes with a peelable adhesive side that securely attaches it to the glass surface. With a VLT of 3%, you can rest assured of privacy while behind this film. A 99% UV light rejection will save on your power bills and gasoline spending as you do not have to turn the air conditioning up to full just to be cool. The film contains no metallized coating and will not interfere with radio signals. The reflective rating comes up only about 6% so no worries there of glaring lights at night.
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Protint Windows 5% VLT

PROTINT WINDOWS 5% Shade Color 20 Inches by 10 Feet Window Tint Film Roll: image Stand out features This window color tint from PROTINT comes in a variety of colors at 5% VLT and 99% UV Blocking protection. This combination makes this tint the ideal choice both for privacy as well as comfort. Heat reduction is guaranteed whether on short or long trips. Save on gas with this tint as it helps tremendously in regulating cabin temperature without putting too much strain on your air conditioning compressor. The UV blocking capability will preserve your dashboard and other components from UV damage, extending the longevity of your car interior. In addition, this also controls the glare coming from high-intensity lights during night drives.
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ATMOMO Dark Blue Chameleon Windshield Tint

ATMOMO Dark Blue Chameleon Windshield Tint: image Stand out features ATMOMO is a reputable car accessory company that now gives us the Dark Blue Chameleon windshield tint. With a light transmittance of 76%, there is no need to worry about glares from high-intensity lights at night. In addition, this will reduce premature aging of car interior components due to harmful UV light radiation. Reduce the heat and regulate the temperature inside your car during long trips and save up on gas. Can be used on home as well as automotive applications.
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Mkbrother 2PLY Heat and UV Blocking Window Tint Film

Mkbrother 2PLY Heat and UV Blocking Window Tint Film: image Stand out features MKBROTHER's 2 ply 20% VLT window tint conveniently comes in different sized rolls depending on your need. The window tint's 2-ply construction allows MKBROTHER to add a 10-year limited warranty to this particular product. Having a 20% Visible Light Transmission rating in combination with a 99% UV light rejection capability makes this perfect in cars. Temperature regulation, as well as glare protection in one packaging, is a great deal to be had. MKBROTHER made this a breeze to apply with the included tool kit, truly a bang-for-the buck product!
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What you need to know about high quality window tint

Reasons vary whenever someone decides to have top rated window tint installed in their homes and in their cars. The reasons range from the need for privacy, maintaining temperature, or people just wanting to look cool. It is important to bear in mind that not all products are created equal, and that almost everything needs a checklist. A tick box list ensures that you cover all the bases and that your purchase is not wasted. We cover these qualities that you absolutely must need to know about tinted windows as you continue reading.

The kinds of window tints

There are several types of window tint and it is essential to know their differences to determine which one will work for you. Let us take a look at what each of these kinds offer as value for whatever you may have in mind.

Clear Window Tint

Clear auto window tint or even home windows for that matter, work great if you do not want to change how your car or window will look. This way no changes in appearance will be done but you enjoy the full benefits of a tint, whether UV rays reduction or to adding a layer of security to your windows. The trade off is that this tint will not help much by way of reducing temperatures or affording privacy for that matter. Window tints that have clear uv blocking protection are also generally more expensive than their dyed counterparts.

Dyed Window Tint

If you want to match or even mix up your window colors with your car paint or just want a splash of color, then dyed window tints should be worth your attention. This tinted film for cars comes in a variety of colors, ensuring that every personality is covered. They not only come in colors, but varying degrees of them leave no preference behind. Because it is dyed, it tends to fade over time, especially the lower quality ones. Dyed tints are considered as the entry level tint, for those looking for inexpensive add-on to their vehicles.

Metallized Window Tint

Metalized window tint answers the question of 'does tinting car windows reduce heat?' conclusively. This type of tint will not only block most of the UV lights from entering, but it will also prevent heat from getting in. One can say that this window coating is an upgrade to simple dye as the coating has a thin layer of metal between its sheets, reflecting the sun heat out of your vehicle. Because of the thin metal sandwiched between its layers, this type of tinted windows tint offers extra durability and is resistant to scratches and general wear and tear. There is a small bit of trade-off for this heat resistance and improved durability though, because metallic tints tend to interfere with radio signals.

Ceramic Car Window Tint

Ceramic infused window tint is specifically made to solve the problem that metallized tint has inevitably spawned. Instead of metal particles, ceramics were introduced that made zero radio interference. The tint is also extremely durable and heat-resistant, as well as available in different shades. Combining durability with having no interference with electronics means that this tint comes at a premium. However, professionals who used ceramic tint vs regular tint that it is well worth its price.

Infrared Rejection or Carbon Tint

Following along the lines of material infusion, perhaps one of the best heat reducing tints would be this premium tech window film called carbon tint. Like metallized and ceramic tints, this one also has an infusion but of carbon particles. The popularity of infrared rejection or carbon infused tint lies on their efficiency to reject heat. Because of this, users save money by conserving the power used on air conditioning systems because you do not have to turn your air con on high just to get to that cool temperature. With a tint that blocks infrared as well as UV light, expect that a heat resistant tint will cost more than your average window tint. However, this will most surely be well worth the price because carbon infused tints are among the best window tint for heat reduction.

Security Film

Security film window tints are a relatively new addition to window tint technology. While it is true that any tint will add that extra layer of protection against shattering, a truly dedicated security film tint will further reinforce your windows. These professional window tint film will toughen any window, taking away precious moments from any would-be thief from making a quick getaway. Security tint film makes glass quite tough to break and practically shatterproof. Like most window tint solutions, they also come in all shades and colors to match your personality. As you can see there are more than one type of window tint film that makes choosing from among them a bit challenging without some in depth knowledge. Fortunately, just knowing what types of tints are out there will get you that much closer to making an informed decision.

What you need to know when buying tint for heat reduction

When the buyer is looking specifically to address heat in their vehicles or homes, the parameters change. We take a look at what you should consider if you are looking for a tint to use for heat reduction.

The size or cut of the film

How your tint arrives at your doorstep depends on how you plan on having it installed. If going for the do-it-yourself route, it is better to have it pre-cut at the factory. However, even the best ones, such as the lexen tint, can sometimes be a bit tricky to install by yourself. Unless you are a professional grade yourself, always go to a professional installer for top-notch results and with that said you can have your film tints bought at a roll. Buying them per roll is ultimately less expensive than having it custom cut to your specifications.

Visible Light Transmission (VLT) levels

VLT in window tint lingo refers to the amount of light that is allowed to go through the tint coating. VLT is measured in percentage, such as 50%, which means 50% of visible light will go through the window when the particular tint is applied. The lower the percentage the darker the tint will be so it is important to take note of this number when choosing a tint. Darker tints also mean less heat being transferred inside the vehicle as well as the ultimate in privacy. You can commonly see darker tints in luxury vehicles, such as a limo tint that grants privacy to riders. However, only good quality window tints will be dark yet allow maximum visibility at night.

Ultraviolet protection capability

A window film tint’s capacity to block UV light depends on how it is manufactured and the composition of the layers play a major role in this. Ceramic window film tints are king when it comes to UV protection because it boasts of a 99% effective rating. Other types of tints, such as dyed, metallic, or carbon infused also block UV light but to a much lesser degree. Remember that UV rating is different from VLT and is another factor to look at when choosing tints.

Heat reduction

A vehicle’s interior can heat up considerably during hot weather and it is important to know how a certain type of tint will fare in this condition. Metallic and carbon infused window tints are undisputed when it comes to heat dispersion. If you plan on driving around in places where the weather is on the hotter side, consider having these kinds of tints installed.

Color choices

Cars and homes come in a variety of colors, therefore any window tint film product worth their salt should also do so. There is no reason you cannot make your car cooler on the inside while also looking beautiful. A great and matching window tint color to your car’s color is one sure way to add to your vehicle's beauty while being functional as well. There you have the things you should be including in your checklist when making the selection for your window tint. As the buyer you will now be able to narrow down considerably and almost pinpoint your choice for window tints. However we take this guide a notch further by doing the legwork and time-consuming research by giving you our list of seven of the best window tint films available that you can purchase today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it difficult to apply a car window tint?

It may look easy but there are a lot of things going on to achieve the perfect fit and bubble free tint for your vehicle. For best results, you should have it installed by professionals.

We recomend video-guide how to tint windows:

How long will my car window tint last?

The typical window tint lasts for five years but wear and tear may be sped up depending on how you treat your vehicle in general. If the car is just parked outside, without a garage, it will definitely not help. If the car is well maintained and has a proper garage, the tint may last for even longer.

Are there laws about car window tints?

There are definitely regulations about car tints and they vary depending on where you live. With this make sure that you familiarize yourself with local regulations to avoid complications after installing your tint.

What causes window tint to bubble?

This is primarily the reason you should have the tinting done in a professional setting. Window tint will form bubbles if there is not enough surface preparation. The glass to be tinted must be absolutely spotless before the film can be laid out. Professionals tend to have a clean and dust proof area where they do the tint installation, preventing bubbles from forming.

To wrap this up

No matter what your budget or requirements are, there will always be a tint that has the requirements you need. In general, the type of tint would be moot because great window tints are more likely to be a result of how it was applied. Surface preparation, experience, and technical knowledge work together to bring about that seamless look for your vehicle’s windows. Professional installation is key to having that look you always long for, all you have to do is choose the film.