If you consider yourself a car guy, chances are you have come across the best professional ceramic coating as you go about maintaining your prized vehicle. Before we go on though, what exactly is a ceramic car coating and how is it different from regular car wax?

9 Top Ceramic Wax For Cars

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Best Ceramic Wax For Cars Buying Guide:

There is a world of difference, but the main one would be while your run-of-the-mill car wax dulls in a few days, the least quality ceramic coating spray can last from a year up to the lifetime of the vehicle itself.

What is exciting is that this product used to be a well-kept secret by dealers and detailers, until it gradually made its way into the home garage and the DIY automotive sector.

The market suddenly became flooded with a variety of types of ceramic coating and while that may be nice, it can be a source of confusion.

Fortunately, that is what we are here for, to clear up the confusion by doing the hard work and give you the best of what is currently floating around out there.

Top Brands

To start with, here are by far three of the best brands in terms of ceramic paint coating and the protection for cars that they can offer. They are not listed in order, but rather these tick all the right boxes when it comes to hydrophobic car coating requirements. Take a closer look at them below:


Ever since ceramic coating for trucks came to be in 2010, Ethos has been at the forefront of hydrophobic coating technology as it is owned by a car enthusiast as well. Ethos is primarily a car detailing company that provides detailing services to their customer using outsourced products. They started formulating their own line of coatings and detailing products because Ethos believed that they can always make things better. When it comes to how long does ceramic coating lasts they are among those considered to be top-tier in the ceramic coating industry.


CARPRO brings over a decade of experience to the table of nano-ceramic technology coatings. They started way ahead of the pack as ceramic coating technology only became widespread in 2010, while CARPRO is already developing its effective formulation as early as 2009. As such, this company was among the first to let the driving public see the ultra ceramic shine that amazed skeptics of the tech. CARPRO has its own lab and dedicated research team for research and development, so we can be assured of great quality products from this company for years to come.


NASIOL has its roots in Turkey and Europe, and we all know that these places are rich in the heritage of car culture, both new and old. NASIOL can be considered as a relative newcomer in the industry, with the liquid nano-coating company just established in 2012. However its parent company, Artekya is already studying nano-ceramic technology since 2005. The brand offers coatings starting from the simple car owner to heavy-duty industrial coatings in all environments.

Types of Ceramic Coating for Cars


Known by its more popular name, epoxy, polymers are widely used as this compound easily bonds with a car’s factory finish. The polymer bonds with the finish permanently, providing armor to the already tough top coating on the paint’s vehicle. The polymer layer effectively becomes another topcoat over the existing one. A polymer coating has the best hydrophobic properties.


Another popular kind of finish is quartz ceramic coating, which utilizes the hardness of silicon dioxide coatings. In A nutshell quartz or sometimes referred to as diamond coating is liquid glass that hardens and bonds with the car’s topcoat when exposed to air within a period of time. Perhaps it is an oversimplification but quartz coating is kind of like liquid glass while the polymer is a compound that binds to the surface topcoat. While polymers have a little advantage on hydrophobic properties, quartz coating is king when it comes to hardness level and therefore has superior scratch protection.


The hybrid quartz/polymer type of protective coating offers the best characteristics that these two compounds have to give. Combining these two gives the extra hardness coming from quartz and the tough resistant shell coming from polymer coatings. This means you get the extra scratch protection and deep gloss from the quartz component, and also enjoy the excellent hydrophobic qualities of a polymer coating.

Key Features


While these are professional-grade, products such as the nexgen ceramic spray are made to be easy to use. This is deliberate as not all car owners are enthusiasts, and the products need to be simple enough to apply for even first-time users. As such, good-quality ceramic coatings should not be harder to apply than regular wax should. Avoid products that require extra tools just for the application.


This is quite important as this quality shows how hard the coating is. The hardness level indicates how resistant the coating is to scratches and swirls. Generally, look for a hardness level that is not too far from 9H, which is the number for diamond-level scratch resistance.


When talking about the durability of car coating systems, this is describing how long a coating should last for a car. A usual ceramic coating can protect a car for years, and those higher-end coating systems will last for the lifetime of the vehicle itself. The bottom line is that the coating should be applied according to its manufacturer’s recommended application instructions. You cannot really lose with ceramic coating as even the cheapest ceramic coating lasts for about a year or two.

Why ceramic coating is better

Longer lasting protection

Ceramic coating is proven to be better than regular car wax in terms of three things. One, ceramic coating lasts so much longer than even the best car wax available. Even the most affordable and basic ceramic coating can protect a vehicle’s topcoat for years.

Unmatched hardness level

Only a ceramic coating can provide the hardness level that can protect against wear and tear and scratches that usually only a top coat can provide. Think of ceramic coating as THE topcoat for the topcoat itself.


It may seem like it is the more expensive option than the standard car wax, but consider that you will only apply this once every couple of years. Regular wax will last for maybe a maximum of a couple of months, therefore requiring you to reapply them again several times in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is Professional Ceramic Coating so Expensive?

Well, number one it is professionally done so the price for the worker needs to be added into the cost. The other reason is that professional detailers also take a lot of time in prep work, and in a sterile environment to avoid contaminants. This is why a professionally coated car’s coating can last for the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

How long does ceramic coating last?

A low to mid-tier ceramic coating product can offer protection from one to two years. However professionally done or even the higher-end ceramic coating can last much longer, even as long as the car’s lifetime.

Is ceramic coating easy to apply?

Ceramic coatings are now targeting the market of the average car owner and the DIY enthusiast. Because of this, they are made to be very easy to apply. Some are as simple as wipe on and wipe off, and others may just be sprayed on.

What happens when the ceramic coating wears off?

The paint surface will be noticeably duller than its usual shine as well as not as deeply colored, but the original top coat of your vehicle is still protecting the surface. It can also be easily re-applied again.

How do you maintain ceramic coating?

Use the same maintenance regime as you would a normally-coated car, but avoid stronger chemicals. You should also avoid machine buffers as these can strip down the layer gradually over time, rendering the coating useless.


As you well may have noticed, maintaining that car shine not only involves having the most expensive ceramic coating on hand, but also proper maintenance. The success and longevity of the ceramic coating also depend on following the instructions exactly as the application process may vary per product. DO this and you can be assured of long-lasting protection for years to come.


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