10 Top Cordless Air Compressor

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Best Cordless Air Compressor buyer’s guide

Some of the most desirable features to consider when looking for a cordless air compressor include:

Inflation Volume

The higher the inflation volume means the more air the tool can compress with ease. Having a large volume also means you’ll be able to take a longer inflation time by moving the plunger. The higher the volume number, the more room you’ll have to have for more components. For instance, a tool with an inflation volume of 9000 has more room than the one with 4000.

Speed and Compression Rate

This means how fast your compressor is at pushing air in and out. For a compressor to be the best, it should be able to compress air both fast and efficiently. The faster the compressor, the more efficient it is at compressing. High compression rate usually occurs when the tool is a bit bigger. This also means that these tools require high power. For a smaller compressor, you’ll benefit more from a high compression rate as you are not going to require as much power as the giant one.

Inflation Pressure

This is the maximum force pressure the tool pushes the air with. Having a tool which has higher pressure means that you’ll be able to build larger air tanks for easy storage

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