It is uncomfortable and unhealthy, driving a vehicle with a faded or dirty dashboard, so many car owners continuously search for the best dashboard cleaner to recondition or maintain their dash. Well! You don’t have to search anymore as this guide aims to provide you with great tips on getting the right cleaners and top dashboard cleaners in the market that will be perfect for your vehicle.

Top Pick
Sonax Dashboard Cleaner
Amongst our highlighted products, the Sonax dashboard cleaner is our best car dash cleaner you need to get. Aside from being made from a trusted brand, Sonax, this product offers a quick and easy solution formulated to keep your dashboard looking new for a long period. With matte finishing and solvent-free detailer, keep your dash free of dust, dirt, or oils, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent. Above all, it is perfect for all dashboard surfaces. A major threat to your dashboard appearance is the sun, especially in very hot regions with intense sun rays. Therefore, if you stay in a hot area, you should get a cleaner that can protect your dashboard from harsh rays. Getting a product that can protect against dangerous UV rays like the Sonax cleaner will be more useful in safeguarding your dashboard.

10 Best Dashboard Cleaners:

Meguiar’s Interior Detailer

Many spend much time cleaning their vehicles' interior surfaces, and the surfaces can easily build up dust or dirt a few seconds after cleaning. A perfect solution to this problem lies with Meguiar’s automotive interior cleaners. It is an ultimate detailer that protects your surfaces and allows a deep clean with a single spray. This detailer also has UV protection, so you don't have to worry about harsh ray effects on your dash. With this formula, you are guaranteed to have a sparkling clean and non-greasy surface. Meguiar is also one of the leading car care producers globally, so you are buying from a known and trusted brand. Meguiar's G16216 Ultimate Interior Detailer: image
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Chemical Guys Quick Detailer

Looking for a detailer that can clean and protect your vehicle's interior? You have to try out this Chemical Guys product. This car dashboard spray is made to thoroughly clean your surfaces while coating the surfaces with UV protection and keep your interior looking brand new. Chemical Guys manufactured this detailer with a good emulsification process, which easily takes off dirt in no time. You’ve got a solution to maintain the original look of the interior surface in your vehicle, which also gives off a pineapple smell. From vinyl to leather dashboards, this product will work so great on them. Chemical Guys SPI-663 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant: image
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Amor Original Cleaning and Protectant Wipes

Maintain the beautiful look of your car’s interior surfaces with Amor's original products. These car cleaning wipes prevent cracking, fading, or aging of your car surface. If you have a delicate interior surface, you don’t have to worry because this product is safe for delicate surfaces. This two-pack canister comes with a moisture lock lid that makes the lint-free wipes fresh, and these wipes can be stored for a long period till needed. You have here the best car wipes in the market. Armor All-10848 Original Protectant & Cleaning Wipes Twin Pack: image
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Sonax Dashboard Cleaner

Sonax cleaner is a non-silicone matte finish dash and vinyl protectant used for maintaining all wood, plastic, and other types of dashboard surfaces. With Sonax dashboard cleaner, you will preserve your components having no slick or oily surfaces, and it prevents the build-up of dust. After cleaning, it leaves a fresh scent, which is good for your car interior. Sonax (283241) Dashboard Cleaner: image
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CarGuys cleaner

Tired of always using a cleaner that doesn't work as you would expect? Or is it not just the right cleaner for your interior surface. CarGuys has produced a quality car dashboard polish to solve these problems. This cleaner is made with advanced technology that lifts off the dirt from any surface quickly. You don't have to exhaust much time cleaning your interior anymore with low-quality products. The multi-purpose product can thoroughly clean most surface material with little effort. With CarGuys, maximum satisfaction is guaranteed. CarGuys Super Cleaner: image
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Chemical Guys Interior Detailer and Protectant

This ultimate interior cleaner produced by Chemical Guys wipes off dirt, dust oil, or other stains easily. This is the best car interior detailer for a lot of customers, it protects your interior against solar rays and restore OEM sheen. If you have a dry and fading surface, you should get this product as soon as possible. It is also designed with an anti-static technology that slides off dirt and dust, preventing accumulation. The conditioner nourishes your vinyl and plastic interior to restore the perfect OEM look. You also have to know that this detailer and protectant does not allow your interiors to fade or crack, and it also has an odor eliminator that kills bad smell from the source. Just so you know, it has great vinyl cleaner reviews. Chemical Guys SPI_663_16 InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer and Protectant: image
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Gold Eagle Interior and Exterior Protectant

This is an affordable product made for aviation and aerospace applications. 303 protectant gives superior protection against UV rays that cause fading, discoloration, cracking of plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. Gold Eagle's non-toxic protectant also repels dirt, dust, stains, and lint to keep your surfaces very neat and bright. The result is a non-greasy, dry, and odorless surface. It is very effective and safe for plastics, carbon fiber, gel-coat, vinyl, and rubber leather to get the best car interior shine. 303 Protectant Dashboard Cleaner: image
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Mothers Protectant

Another unique car dashboard spray on the list is the MOTHERS protectant with UV rays blocker to protect your fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, and rubbers. Mothers manufactured this protectant to maintain and bring back your car's cabin components' original appearance and condition. If you have a new vehicle or an old one, you can use this to keep a shining interior surface. It is a preservation agent that’s effective on any uncoated vinyl, rubber, or plastic interior, so you can tick that off your guide. Mothers 05316 Protectant: image
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Masterson’s Trim & Tire Protectant

Masterson’s Trim and Tire Protectant is not a car vinyl cleaner only, it gives a unique shine to plastic, vinyl, and rubber interior. The protectant is made to provide ultimate protection to your exterior and interior trim surfaces. Perfect for grills, vents, door handles, dashboards, mirrors, and other components, and is made with coating technology to give a good finishing. The UV blocker helps to protect your surfaces from cracks or deterioration. You can also use this protectant on engine bays, moldings, or large tires. It also enhances factory appearance and protects all rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim. Masterson's Car Care MCC_113_16 Spray Shine Tire & Trim Protectant: image
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TriNova Cleaning Tool

Keep your vehicle’s interior clean and protected with TriNova cleaning tool, formulated to provide UV protection to your interior, not only to make your car dash shine. This interior detailer prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust on your surfaces. You will be getting a quick clean, UV protection, and dust repellent cleaner with this product. Also, if you want an anti glare dashboard spray, you’ve found it. Trinova Interior Quick Detailer: image
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Buyer's Guide:

To ensure you are getting the best dashboard cleaner in the market, you need to highly prioritize the following tips:
  • Ingredients
You need to check out the ingredients used in producing the dashboard cleaner so you are sure it has no negative effects on your dashboard, other interior surfaces, your health, and the environment. Quality cleaners do not consist of harmful chemicals that will pose a health risk or damage your car's interior surface. These harsh chemicals include; gasoline and ammonia. Also, ensure that your best dashboard protectant is from an eco-friendly production process and that the ingredients used in production are not any harm to your environment. If you feel irritated or uncomfortable by the cleaner’s smell, you can pick other options with a more pleasant odor.
  • Surface Type
The type of surface you will apply cleaner on is a top factor you should consider before buying your dashboard cleaner. You should be aware that vehicles are made with varying dashboard surfaces; some dashboards will have some aftermarket enhancement with fabrics or other various materials. So you must ensure that you pick the right cleaner for your dashboard surface. Like the CarGuys cleaner, it does a great job on leather surfaces, while the Mothers protectant is amongst the best cleaner for black car interior.
  • Cleaning Ability
After you’ve verified that the dashboard or automotive interior cleaner has no harmful ingredients or chemicals and provides a good value, you also have to ensure that the cleaner is very efficient. If not, it is useless. If you decide to get a specific brand, inspect if the cleaner can suit your needs. You might desire a cleaner that gives off a grease-free surface or additional dirt protection.
  • UV Protection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Dashboard Cleaning Tips

  1. Set aside a different set of microfiber towels for cleaning interior surfaces only.
  2. Please do not use olive oil or other ingredients to maintain your dashboard.
  3. Avoid applying harsh soap or detergents to wipe off the dirt from your dash, most importantly, an Alcantara or leather coated dash.

You can also watch this video:

How to properly clean your steering wheel?

Various steering wheel cleaners are made to protect and clean the dashboard quickly. However, it would be best if you cleaned your steering wheel before applying a protectant.

Step 1:
With a clean and wet microfiber towel, remove the dirt and dust from your steering wheel’s surface.

Step 2:
When you are done, wash the cloth in water and repeat the above step.

If you discover obvious stains on your steering wheel, rinse the towel with soap and water, and use it to clean off the stains gently.

Step 3:
You can use a brush to wipe off the dirt from all nooks and crannies of the wheel.

Step 4:
Now apply the best auto interior cleaner you’ve got on your wheel, and then you will have your wheel sparkling as new.

Carbon fibre or Fibreglass Trim?

Carbon fiber or fiberglass trim consists of very similar qualities, but the differences between the two can be noticed after fabrication in durability, strength, and stiffness. They both have unique characteristics, and it all depends on what they are used for.


Cleaning your dashboard with the right cleaner is the key to having a shiny dash and keeping your interiors looking good as ever. Despite our top pick cleaner, any other recommended dash cleaning products can maintain your dashboard to your taste.