Many automakers claim that the transmission fluid is filled for the life of the car, but over time, ATF loses its properties and can not fully ensure the operation of the box. The choice of oil plays a key role in the quality of further operation of the car, so when replacing the oil, you should consider the requirements of the manufacturer, checking compliance with the specifications and tolerances. The largest car manufacturers often make their own products to service their cars or, by testing oils of famous brands, recommend them for use. Generally accepted quality standards ensure that fluids for different car boxes are safe to use. This information is indicated on the product packaging.

ATF fluids for automatic transmissions perform many more tasks than ordinary gear oils. Besides the lubrication function, they are responsible for the entire performance of the transmission. ATF fluid cools, provides friction clutch, transmits torque, protects against corrosion and premature aging. Transmission oils are mostly colored bright red, except for some varieties. They can be mineral or synthetic oil-based. Dextron 3 transmission oil is currently one of the most popular products for servicing automatic transmissions, represented by many automotive specialty manufacturers.

11 Top Dexron Vi Transmission Fluid

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Main characteristics

Dexron specification oils meet the most stringent requirements of manufacturers and are produced by various companies selling technical fluids.

GM ATF Dexron VI is a transmission fluid from the creator of the specification, used by default for most General Motors vehicles. The formulation has passed the necessary tests and can also be used in automatic transmissions where "Dexron III" fluid was previously used. ATF has excellent characteristics at low temperatures, prevents the formation of deposits and sludge, oxidation, prolongs the life of the box. The product can be found in the catalogs under the name General Motors 93165414 transmission oil ATF Dexron VI (1L).

Conditions of use of Dexron transmission fluids

Transmission fluid service life is affected not only by mileage or year of manufacture, but also by environmental conditions. General Motors recommends the use of Dexron oils in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region in which the vehicle is used.

"Dexron VI" - the product's advanced formulation allows it to withstand the lowest temperatures possible down to -50° C.
Incorrect use of "Dexron" transmission fluids can lead to gearbox failure, so consider the manufacturer's recommendations before filling the automatic transmission with the new product.

Can you mix different "Dextrons"?

The question of mixing fluids often arises before the forthcoming replacement of the lubricant. Pouring in another oil may provoke unwanted chemical reactions, damaging the device, so you should not experiment on your own. In this question, it is better to follow the recommendations of the transmission manufacturer, referring to the manual of the car. The interchangeability of "Dextrons" is as follows:

  • "Dexron IID" can be replaced with "Dexron IIE", but not vice versa. Especially the substitution is actual for low-temperature operation, even if the version IID completely corresponds to the automatic transmission. "Dexron IIE."
  • "Dexron III" oil can be used to service transmissions where "Dexron II" was present, provided the new ATF fluid has more friction modifiers. Reverse replacement is ruled out.
  • Replacement of the second "Dexron" to the third is not made in the case where the box does not reduce the friction coefficient with increased effectiveness of modifiers.

It is better not to risk using other formulations. Each type of ATF meets the specifications of many car manufacturers, but you should still check compliance individually. Tolerance information should always be listed on the product packaging.

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