If you drive a vehicle or own one, chances are you know how important it is to have the highest quality jumper cables with you and your vehicle at all times. These cables are often the difference between being stranded by the side of the road or making it home safely.

Jumper cables are not overly complicated, however, choosing the lower quality ones can actually do more harm than good. Now that you are here, we will give you the information that you need in order to avoid that mistake. Let’s get right to it!

10 Top Jumper Cables For Trucks

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How to Spot High-Quality Jumper Cables For Trucks

Essentially, the gist of this is to let your readers know how to differentiate a mediocre jumper cable from the best jumper cables for trucks as well as the best jumper cable gauge that you need.

Cranking Amperage

While this is an attribute that is commonly checked when buying car batteries, it should be checked as well when buying cables. The cranking amperage is the power output of the battery when cranking the engines to start them. Now, for diesel trucks as well as heavy-duty commercial truck, there is enough cranking power to make thinner gauge wires too hot for safety.

This also applies to semi truck, because these vehicles have larger than usual engines. For this parameter, get gauge jumper cables for pick-up trucks with at least a cranking amp of 500A and peak amps of 600A, these numbers are the sweet spot to ensure you are covered.

Cable Length

Most of the best jumper cables for trucks would have an average length of around 20 feet and not less than 12 feet. Anything below this length is downright impractical as these cables are mostly used in an emergency situation and the length of the cable should be enough to reach from one engine bay to another. Look for longer cables for more flexibility in addressing certain situations as they develop.

Wire Gauge

Wire gauges, such as what can be found on the energizer jumper cables with quick connect, should be enough to handle varying loads and crank amperages for different vehicles. The gauge here talks about how thick the wires are and in general, the thicker they are the better. Thicker cables mean that they can handle more power without heating up. The safest gauge to get when getting cables would be between a 6 gauge to a 4 gauge cable.


Materials used in manufacturing matter when choosing cables as they determine how well they would work or even how long they would last.

This is especially important when talking about cabling, and it is a generally accepted fact that copper wires are the best material for conducting battery power. Large clips should also be part of this when getting a cable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to properly connect jumper cables?

The most important thing to note when connecting battery cables for jumpstarting purposes is that you do not interchange the polarity of the batteries as they could result in damage to the vehicle’s electronic systems.

Fortunately, this is easy and almost impossible to do as the cables are almost always clearly labeled and color-coded as to where they should go.

Red goes for the positive terminal and black should be for the negative terminal. This is a standard across vehicles no matter what the model or brand is.


Hopefully, we have imparted sufficient knowledge in answering the question of how to choose jumper cables. The information above is by no means complete or comprehensive but we believe that it covers all the bases for almost anyone to be able to choose the cables that they need.

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