If there are any aftermarket add-on that one should add to their vehicles, it should be hands-down, the oil catch can. It is still a mystery why this is not a standard feature in modern vehicles today, as the benefits of having one are clear as day. It easily fits into a car’s crankcase ventilation system. However, the design is less than perfect and oil deposits occur while being carried by air via this venting system. This is where the best oil catch can work its magic.

At its core, the oil catch can is another filter amongst the many in a car engine. There is no fancy mechanism involved as the device relies on gravity to separate the oil from the air. Usually, oil catch tanks will contain steel wool or a baffle system that gases pass through and it separates the oil from the air. The oil that is collected is then fed to the bottom of the catch can until it is cleaned. Direct-injection engine systems benefit greatly from oil catch cans as they inject fuel straight into the cylinders, and an oil catch can is the only way to make sure that your intake is free from oil.

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JLT F-150 Oil Separator
The marketplace is home to all sorts of oil catch can for sale, and choosing is really a challenge at the best of times. Fortunately, our team has scoured the web and came up with 10 of the best oil catch can contraptions in the market. Yes, we did the leg work so you don’t have to and the list starts with the JLT F-150 Oil Separator. This device prevents misfires by keeping your intake tract free from oil vapors and gunk. Comes in a real plug-and-play configuration with the most detailed instructions making it a breeze to install.

TOP 10 Best Oil Catch Cans Available Today:

Now that we have those things to look out for when getting an oil catch can with breather, we give you the list that we gathered based on those same criteria. It took a lot of hours and research but it’s all worth it in the end. This list contains the best ones that all fit the checklist we listed above as to what comprises a great oil catch can.

JLT F-150 Oil Separator

If preventing carbon deposits and build-up is your purpose, then this nifty little gadget will work perfectly for your vehicle. This product has got to be the easiest to install modification parts for your car or truck, even if you are a complete beginner with tinkering on your engine. This comes with detailed instructions and there’s a ton of instructional videos online if you feel like watching first. This oil catch can will be able to trap about 3 ounces of oil and translates to about 3000 miles before any need for drainage. That is a reasonable mileage for the price you are paying. While it is touted for the F-150, it can also be used for other trucks.

Passenger Side JLT Oil Separator Black: image

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Universal Baffled Oil Catch Can W/ Breather

The universal oil catch can from Auto Dynasty seems to have hit the sweet spot between aesthetics and functionality as this is one of the most good-looking oil catch cans out there. This is a great bang-for-the-buck product as it includes a built-in dipstick, outside air filters, and internal baffles that keep the oil from splashing inside. In addition, the tank has a dual-chamber configuration to increase its efficiency. Another great thing about this catch can is that it comes in at a very competitive price. The oil catch can include multiple mounting adapters and hoses, so you do not have to buy them at a separate price.

Universal Aluminum Dual Chamber: image

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Mishimoto High-Performance Oil Catch Can

Mishimoto is one of the leading brands when it comes to oil catch cans that are made for high-performance engines. The Mishimoto oil catch can provide filtration for both PCV and CCV air and remove oil residue. In addition, this oil catch can is equipped with a micron bronze filter which is one of the best filters for oil. A baffle inside the catch can itself prevents oil from splashing around, keeping it contained. The best part about this is that it can be mounted at several different angles, making it compatible with a wide variety of engine placements. A removable drain port allows it to be cleaned and maintained without dismounting. Made with 100% 6061 Aluminum, you can expect this oil catch can to last for years.

Mishimoto Black Oil Catch Can: image

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ESPEEDER Aluminum Oil Catch Can W/ Breather

Stand out features
This universal oil catch can from ESPEEDER checks all the right tick boxes when it comes to catch cans. With a 300ml capacity, this billet aluminum catch can have built-in baffles, a dipstick, and a breather filter. This means that this will clean the air going into your engine and so much more. The aesthetics make it one of the coolest-looking oil catch cans in the market today. Full tig-weld construction in the ports ensures longevity as well as being leak-free. No need to dismount and disassemble for maintenance as the bottom part of the catch can is fully removable for easier cleaning. Comes in a complete kit with hoses, hose clamps, and a mounting bracket. Built for wide compatibility across major brands.

ESPEEDER Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can: image

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Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can by Mishimoto

Stand out features
If you are concerned with space in your engine bay, the Mishimoto compact oil catch can may be the perfect solution for you. This compact device is baffled, giving extra protection against the accumulated oil from splashing around. Built small to fit in cramped spaces, the can holds 2 Ounces of oil that translates to about 2000 miles before any draining is needed. The baffles also provide an added layer of oil-catching membrane to ensure that no oil will escape into the crankcase. Separating the oil vapor from ejected air is no mean feat, that is why this oil catch can is equipped with a 50-micron bronze filter to ensure these oil droplets are caught and deposited into the catch can. You are buying the complete kit when getting this oil catch can from Mishimoto, including multiple clamps, mounting brackets, and hoses.

Mishimoto Compact Baffled Oil Catch Can: image

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Wave Speed Oil Catch Can Tank w/ Pressure Gauge

Stand out features
A relatively recent innovation to oil catch cans would be the addition of a pressure gauge which helps in determining air pressure and airflow monitoring, especially in high-performance engines. Made with aircraft-grade billet aluminum that has an anodized coating for wear and tear resistance and longevity. Designed for ease of use, the oil catch can have a built-in sight tube, pressure gauge, and an internal breather foam. Can switch from sealed or vented system with a single bolt adjustment. The mounting kit includes brackets, hoses, and multiple hose clamps.


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Superfastracing Oil Catch Can Tank

Crafted out of a raw aluminum block, this oil catch can tank replacement from SUPERFASTRACING looks like an industrial version of catch cans. Specifically made for HEMI engines and for 2009-2019 Dodge RAM trucks, this oil catch can is understandably tough. Even the included hoses are high-quality continental braided hoses with built-in check valves. Equipped with a four-stage filtration system, the billet aluminum case can hold 6 ounces of fluid, and with a HEMI you will need to check every thousand miles if it needs draining. The kit includes hoses, a Z-bracket, nickel hose fittings, and a drain plug.

SUPERFASTRACING Oil Catch Can Tank: image

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Moroso 85481 Air/Oil Separator for GM Truck

Stand out features
The Moroso oil catch can is another specialized oil catch can that is made for GM TRUCKS. This product is popular with GM truck owners from the Silverado to the legendary Suburban. Because this is vehicle-specific, the included mounting kit allows for perfect placement on the recommended mounting points. The design catches oil vapor at a rate of 1Ounce per 1000 miles which is pretty good. Easy to install and usually takes about an hour even with the most inexperienced car owners. All-aluminum polished construction ensures durability and longevity.

Moroso 85481 Air/Oil Separator for GM Truck: image

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Twin Baffle Dual Filter Engine Oil Catch Can

Stand out features
There are oil catch cans for trucks and then there are those that need oil catch cans with massive tank size for huge engines. This is where the twin baffle dual filter engine oil catch can is able to hold gigantic 1.2-liter oil storage. The large capacity oil catch can have a dual filter designed for the vented system and also features a dual baffle design tank. The baffles ensure that the oil stays down and not splashing around the tank. Made with 2.5 mm aluminum panels, the joints are tig-welded all around for that solid and leak-proof joints. With the dual high-quality filters as well as the dual-baffle tank, you really get a lot for your money. The assembly also includes a drain port at the bottom for easy maintenance.

Twin Baffle Dual Filter Engine Oil Catch Can: image

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Tasan Racing Universal Aluminum Baffled 2 Port Oil Catch

Stand out features
This Racing oil catch can have an innovative ‘air diverter’ technology that agitates the air longer inside the catch can, leaving more time for oil vapors to be caught on the 50-micron air filter. This translates to a more efficient air and oil separation action, ensuring that only air goes back to the crankcase. Made out of billet T6061 aluminum, you can be assured of a lightweight product yet is durable enough to withstand being in the engine bay. A port is conveniently located underneath the catch tank itself for easy cleaning and draining of the accumulated oil. The oil tank capacity is about 5 Ounces and is just the perfect size to fit in any standard-sized vehicle.

Tasan Racing Universal Aluminum Baffled 2 Port Oil Catch: image

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Here’s what you need to know if you are buying an oil catch can

In order to understand how an oil catch can kit can help you maintain your engine in top condition, we need to look at what the problem is first. As combustion occurs in your engine, highly pressurized gases should ideally be released through the exhaust system. This is just the ideal scenario because, in real-world applications, oily air can get into the engine’s cylinders.

When this happens, sludge can build up over time which causes a variety of problems. The oil catch can ensure that only air escapes, trapping the oil into its innards. Among the best oil catch can design allow it to separate the oil from the air, preventing sludge build-up. Not all oil catch can systems are created equal though, and this is where we come in. With that, below are some of the most pertinent information that you absolutely need when choosing an oil catch can for your engine.

Build quality

More often than not you will see words like lightweight when talking about how a good oil catch can is constructed. However, being light is one thing, and being able to withstand the daily wear and tear of being inside the engine bay is another. Look for something preferably made of aluminum, and is not too bulky. Check for how each component fits and make sure there are no discernible gaps in the joints. Some cans are made with both plastic and aluminum. Bottom line is that the catch can feel durable, lightweight, and made of industrial-grade components.

Should include a dipstick

Preferably, a universal oil catch can have a built-in dipstick for checking its oil level. A built-in dipstick should be included as without it you would need to buy one as an addition, adding to the cost. Ensure that the catch can you will purchase has one for your peace of mind.
Installation kit
To be considered as one of the best oil catch can for turbo, the product should have its mounting kit as a standard part of the packaging. Generally, this would be either a mounting bracket or a mounting clamp, or even both for added flexibility. Most good quality oil catch cans would have this hardware included when you purchase them.

Compatibility options

Choosing a ccv catch can that fits a variety of models should be a no-brainer if you are in the market for one. Universal fitment is an important feature for you to consider when choosing an oil catch can for your vehicle to avoid compatibility issues as you install them. No need to worry though as most oil catch can reviews do mention that almost all products have a wide range of compatibility to a wide range of engines.

The size of the catch can itself

Contrary to popular opinion, the size of the oil catch can do not depend entirely on the size of the engine it would be installed in. The size of the ‘can’ itself is also partially dependent on how often you want to clean the can. A small oil catch can will fill up faster and would require frequent cleaning, whereas one with a bigger can will have more time in between cleaning. Your preference, as well as your car’s engine bay, will dictate how small, or how big your oil catch can should be.

The sight tube

A sight tube add-on will allow the user to see the amount of oil inside aluminum catch cans. This is beneficial as you can immediately see if the catch can needs draining at a glance. The caveat is that on a cheap catch can, a poorly made sight tube can be a weak link in the structure and may cause leaks. Make sure to get only good quality catch cans with this feature to avoid problems.


Value for money is something that is often overlooked when choosing because a pcv oil catch can or any oil catch can for that matter, is a relatively cheap investment. However, it is something that should be considered. Those with higher build quality and made with more durable materials are priced higher. Also, look for that one oil catch can that has the right features, such as a built-in dipstick and a sight tube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What happens if the oil can is full?

A filled-up oil catch can cause some oil to go into your crankcase and cause engine stuttering and even misfires. This is why an oil catch can with a dipstick or a sight tube is recommended so you can always see if the catch can needs draining. This does not need to happen often but the recommended interval is every 1000 miles.

Is the oil catch can really needed?

The short and definite answer would be yes. An oil catch can filter is a great preventative measure for worse problems in the long run especially if you have a direct-injection engine. Maintaining the purity and cleanliness of the air coming in from the intakes translate to better fuel economy, engine efficiency, and your engine will thank you for it.

Why don’t cars come with oil catch cans?

This is a hot topic and is still being debated to this day, and the prevalent reasoning is that most car manufacturers will only want to add the bare necessity to keep the car running and that it is good for profit. The certain thing though is that the engine blow-by is real and you need something to keep the oil from reaching your crankcase, and by far only the oil catch can will provide that.

To wrap it up

Prevention is always better than cure and this especially applies to automobiles. The job of the oil catch can is to ensure clean air only gets to the combustion chamber. The fact is, adding an oil catch can filter to your engine will add years to your engine’s life. If you want to enjoy your vehicle and get the most out of it, getting an inside oil catch can is the obvious choice. An oil catch device can keep your engine bay clean and the internal workings free from sludge, dirt, and excess oil for years. The only maintenance that is required will be the occasional draining of the collected oil, a small price to pay to keep your engine running well. Having said this, no amount of gadget will replace due diligence on the driver’s part, as the person behind the wheel is the most important component of any vehicle.