If you own a vehicle, or even if you are just driving one, chances are you will have heard of how important a change of oil is for any engine. While this is usually done by mechanics and inside professional auto shops, the process itself is pretty straightforward. Most vehicle owners prefer to do this themselves and the savings are substantial. This is where the quick drain oil plug comes into play. This article will discuss the ins and outs of using this extremely useful device, especially for the average car owner.

Top Pick
ValvoMax Oil Drain Valve
Here we list down 10 of the best quick oil drain valve available today and this starts off with our top pick, the ValvoMax Oil Drain Valve. Proudly made in the U.S.A and constructed out of high-grade stainless steel, this device features the inner wave spring technology that allows for tool-less oil draining with a simple twist. Its size is just enough that it is not in danger of hanging out too far that it gets damaged and makes changing oils a breeze!

There is much that goes into the debate of whether it is better to use one or no, and we are here to cast aside any doubt that you may have if you want to install one in your vehicle. At the end of reading this, you will have a clear understanding of whether you need one or not as well as the knowledge to choose what fits your car. Remember that automotive parts are engineered with exacting specifications with an intimate understanding of the tolerances involved, so it is best to only source your parts armed with knowledge.

The challenge, especially at these times, is how to choose among thousands of products flooding the market. Even in the best of times, the process of selection is a tedious one. This is where we come in because instead of you doing the hard work of researching high and low, we scoured the marketplace and came up with the best oil drain valve your hard-earned money can buy today.

Top Suppliers of the best engine oil drain valves

Aside from the characteristics that you, as the buyer, should tick off when choosing it is also important to know and recognize the major players in the industry of the aftermarket oil drain valves. Below is a list of three of the most reputable manufacturers of oil drain valve replacement plugs. Let us check them out below.


ValvoMax is a United States Company based in Houston, Texas, and is interestingly owned by veterans. The corporation proudly proclaims itself to be consumer-centric and that the majority of its designs are a direct result of customer feedback. This company has one of the best after-sales customer service available in addition to its top-notch product line. They also offer free shipping to anywhere in the US if you purchase over $50 worth of valvomax oil drain valve products which is a great deal.

They also have other automotive products, such as disposable oil funnels, collapsible oil drain bags, and quick-twist valves. Another characteristic of this company that endears them to their customers is that they make an effort in doing their part in protecting the environment. Their valvomax oil drain system includes the oil drain bag product, as well as disposable funnels, which helps effectively manage oil waste disposal more cleanly.

EZ Oil Drain Valve Company

The EZ Oil Drain Valve Company is another company based in the USA, but this time they are headquartered in Washington DC. They are best known for making replacement oil drain plugs that are a breeze to use. Simply lift the lever of their nickel-plated brass ball valve and you are on your way to easily drain old and used oil from your vehicle’s engine. They also have a guarantee that they will take care of any damage as a result of any faulty valve products.

Their oil drain valve products have that unique option that lets the client choose from either straight or L-shaped hose ends on their valves. They also offer the option for a nickel-plated valve body and plastic lever covers.

Stahlbus Company

The Stahlbus oil drain valve company is a decades-old company based in Germany. In true German engineering fashion, they offer oil drain valves in three materials. Their valves are either made from stainless steel, corrosion-resistant steel, or eco-brass construction.

The build quality of their products enables them to be used not just on automobiles, but bikes and boats as well. In particular, their Eco-Brass valves are most resistant to seawater, which is a highly corrosive liquid. Furthermore, their valves double as bleeder valves, which remove trapped air and is essentially an alternative for rubber hoses as well.

TOP 10 best oil drain valves available in today’s market

ValvoMax Oil Drain Valve

Stand out features
Aside from its 100% stainless steel construction, this valve from ValvoMax features a tool-less operation with minimum mess. ValvoMax promises a plug and forget operation and a slim profile. The slimmer profile ensures that the replacement drain valve will not snag or be in any danger of breaking as it really is not much thicker than the stock plug. Installation is a pretty straightforward and easy affair, and once you have secured it, you will never need another tool to make it work. The valve also features ValvoMax’s proprietary wave spring technology that makes draining viscous fluids (such as oil) faster than normal. What is neat about it is that oil does not begin flowing even after you remove the cap, but will only do so after attaching the included drain tool.

ValvoMax Oil Drain Valve: image

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Fumoto F-106N

Stand out features
Nothing convinces customers more than a company that promises a lifetime warranty on their products, and this is exactly what company Fumoto is doing. Fumoto is a well-recognized name in the world of oil drain valve replacement. The Fumoto F-106N incorporates its compact ball valve and is designed to fit anywhere from sedans to commercial engines. The FN series is designed to last a lifetime. It operates with one hand with a literal flick of a finger and it makes the drain valve the ideal equipment to get oil samplings without the messy part. The valve comes in two options, forged brass and stainless steel which both offer excellent durability. The F-106N features a longer than usual nipple that makes it not suited for low ground clearance vehicles. However, this makes it perfect for direct hose applications.

Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve: image

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EZ-106 EZ

Stand out features
The EZ-106 drain valve addresses a long-time problem with aftermarket drain valves having issues with ground clearance. This is mostly due to the protruding hose end being vulnerable to snags and getting caught up on things. They addressed this problem by making the hose end a removable option. Simply screw on the hose end when needed and remove it during oil change intervals. A protective end cap protects the shortened nozzle when the hose end is removed. In addition, its stainless steel body is nickel-plated as protection against corrosion. The valve itself is equipped with an O-ring to promote a better seal. The entire oil drain valve is constructed out of forged brass and stainless steel. Like most drain valves, the EZ-106 utilizes a ball valve design.

EZ-106 EZ Oil Drain Valve: image

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Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Steel

Stand out features
This German-made oil drain valve is simple and efficient. It works in two parts, with the stock drain plug replaced with one that has a quick-release connector for a hose. The way it works is that the valve only opens when the hose end is locked into place, allowing the used oil to flow out freely, While all aftermarket drain valve products claim a mess-free change oil, the Stahlbus oil drain valve delivers unerringly on this promise. When you are done and all the liquid has drained out, the ‘tongue’ then slides back out and becomes part of the protective cap. This is indeed convenient but may slow down oil flow over time, the same system is also ideal for quick sampling and inspections so it is not really a concern.

Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Steel - M14: image

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DEF F-106N

Stand out features
The DEF F-106 engine oil drain valve replacement looks more like a conventional plumbing attachment than an automotive part. Because of this, the drain valve can only fit vehicles with higher ground clearance as it will considerably protrude a lot more than the original stock drain plug. As an oil drain plug, it is extremely effective, and the forged brass construction ensures that it will last for a long time. The brass also means that it has a much higher resistance to corrosion, and even affords seawater resistance for marine applications. The hose nipple has an anti-skid design, preventing leakage even in the event it bumps into something during transit.

DEF F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve: image

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Stens 125-508

Stand out features
By far, the Stens 125-508 is the only product in this list with a plastic part. Do not worry because it is made of extremely tough and heat-resistant ABS plastic so durability-wise there should be no problems. The operation is pretty straightforward, simply replace the original drain plug cover with the entire contraption and you have the drain plug installed. All it takes is to twist and pull the yellow plastic cover and the oil will flow right out. The STen 125-508 uses 3/8 threads and a 1/2″ hose and may not be suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance because it sticks out considerably than the original drain plug. It works best with smaller engines, like lawnmower engines where the drain plug sits at the side rather than underneath the engine. This is a quick twist and pulls to open and then twist and push the opposite way to close, true convenience.

Stens 125-508 Oil Drain Valve: image

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Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Steel

Stand out features
This is the second Stahlbus product to be included in this list and this time this is the smaller version. The system works in exactly the same way and involves two parts. The first part replaces the standard or stock engine oil drain valve of your engine and installs it in the same way. This part includes a dock with a quick-release hose connector that you can plug the second part into effectively mating them into a drain plug with a hose. This drains the old slowly but surely and the best part is that it is quite a mess-free and clean operation. An O-ring prevents the drain valve itself from being lost, and the quick-release nature allows for an extremely clean and fast oil sampling to determine the quality of your oil that is left in the engine. One of the best parts is that once you get the drain plug part installed, it’s a completely tool-free operation moving forward in every oil change.

Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Steel - M12: image

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EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106RL

Stand out features
The EZ -106RL oil drain valve comes from one of the most reputable companies and well known in the replacement oil drain valve industry. Made entirely in the USA, this product is designed to outlast the vehicle it is attached to by a large margin. What makes this drain valve different is that the hose end is removable and can accommodate adapters, such as a straight hose line or a 90-degree attachment. This adds even more to the convenience afforded by this device. The valve itself has a double seal to prevent any leaks in between change oils. The attachment allows for directing oil flow and adds another level of flexibility to the device.

EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106RL Oil Drain Valve: image

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Fumoto Original T204N

Stand out features
The Fumoto line of valves is exclusively made in Japan with over 80 years of existence supplying to various industries that use valves. It is no wonder therefore that these valves are considered to be among the very best when it comes to replacing engine oil drain plugs. The Fumoto T204N T-Series is made with forged brass and stainless steel composition that make it corrosion resistant, even with marine applications. The specifications include a 3/4-16 UNF Drain valve with a 5/8″ nipple hose end to accommodate hoses to control the direction of the fluids being drained. The threads are designed to taper and therefore do not require the use of gaskets for sealing. The operation is tool-less once installed and only involves a flick of a spring-loaded lever. This valve is rated as being one of the most efficient oil drain valves and is designed to outlast the car itself.

Fumoto Original T204N T-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve: image

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F133N with LC-10

Stand out features
The Fumoto F133N with LC-10 large body valve is one of the larger capacity valves from this Japanese valve manufacturer. Replacing the standard drain plug with this one from Fumoto will eliminate stripped threads and dealing with frozen plugs while changing the oil. The hose nipple is of standard length for compatibility with any regular oil hose. Made of durable forged brass and stainless steel affords this valve with anti-corrosion properties, even with saltwater which makes this ideal for marine applications. It comes with a lever clip to avoid accidental opening. The hose nipple is also just the right length for securing any hose attachments. This is engineered for direct hose applications and for vehicles with higher ground clearance. Install the valve by hand tightening and finish with at least a 1/4 turn with a suitable wrench, after that operation is one hand and all tool-free.

F133N with LC-10 F-Series Large Body Fumoto Valve: image

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Best oil drain valve buyer’s guide

Going in blind is something that’s never worked well for anyone, and that is especially true when doing a purchase as important as a critical part of your car’s engine. As such, we went out of our way to ensure that we are able to deliver the most accurate information with regards to what comprises the best oil drain valve replacement for your vehicle. Below, we will talk about the absolute things you have to consider when choosing your vehicle’s best oil drain plug. By the time you are done reading this, you will be equipped with the knowledge to confidently select and decide the right product you need.

We will take a closer look at each factor listed down to give a much more solid foundation of what this nifty innovation does for you, the car owner.

Quality and durable parts

Unfortunately, oil pan drain valve products are a dime a dozen out there and you might end up with an inferior product that will cost you in the long run. To avoid getting a less than satisfactory product, take a closer look at the materials used in the construction of the valve. Ideally, a valve should be constructed out of high-grade stainless steel and forged brass not just for maximum longevity, but for their anti-corrosion resistance as well.

Remember that this particular part will need to stand up to whatever road condition your vehicle is subjected to as it sits underneath the vehicle. The car oil drain valve you choose must be strong and durable enough to withstand any road condition. It is best to always check if the product has manufacturing gaps, cracks, or parts that don’t fit seamlessly. Stay away from those that are not high-grade stainless steel construction.

Oil leak prevention

Another quality of an excellent oil drain kit is that it has features that prevent oil leakages from happening. An ideal valve should fit snugly and no apparent leaks should be seen even when just finger-tightened. To prevent leakages, check the threads on the valve as well as scrutinize the o-rings for signs of cracks and stress marks.

Ease of use and installation

These aftermarket parts of your engine, especially the drain plug, are made to make your life easier, not more complicated. Look for a drain valve that can be easily attached and without complicated on and off switches for the drain. Ensure that you check out this portion of the particular product you want to buy, specifically how a drain hose is attached or if it is even needed. Ideally, the simpler the operation is, the better.

This also covers whether the easy oil drain plug you will be purchasing will have adapters or includes the needed accessories, such as hoses. These will ensure that changing and draining your oil will be even easier.

Sizing and specification

This pertains to what your vehicle’s oil pan requires regarding the size of the drain plug. It should be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they consult or do some research and look at valvomax oil drain valve review or ez oil drain valve vs fumoto articles to ensure that you are getting the correct product for your vehicle. The size of the threads or the depth that the valve itself will occupy are important factors to consider when choosing an aftermarket oil drain valve. Together with this, how you will be using your vehicle comes into play as your choice will be different depending on whether you will be off-roading or just using your vehicle for city driving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you install a Fumoto Valve?

If you have recently looked at some fumoto oil drain valve reviews, installation of a fumoto usa drain plug and valve is a pretty straightforward affair that only involves three easy steps. The first part is draining the oil from the pan, second is to insert the through-bolt into the body, making sure that it is not fully pressed into it.

When all of that is done, hand-tighten the assembled valve and work it into the threading. After installation, the final part is to tighten the valve itself to ensure no leakage. After hand tightening, use a crescent wrench to add a quarter rotation to ensure a snug fit. Watching fumoto valve reviews will give you additional information on specifics on this particular brand.

See also:

How Do You Drain Oil from a Car?

Without an aftermarket quick oil drain valve draining the oil from your vehicle can be a messy process. It starts with unscrewing the engine oil drain plugs bolt in the engine’s oil pan. Once done with that unscrew the oil cap in the filler hole on the engine itself and start working on removing the oil filter. After that, it is just a matter of making sure all the old oil is drained out.

Once you ensure that the old oil is drained, replace the oil filter with a new one, secure the oil change valve plug, and pour in new oil according to the vehicle’s specifications. Perhaps the most challenging would be removing the drain plug, as they may become tighter and harder to remove. Fortunately, this is where stahlbus oil drain valves or any other high-quality oil drain valves come in. they simply replace the oil drain plug with a plug that has a resealable and easy-to-operate drain valve.

Do you put oil in the filter when changing the oil?

This is a very important practice when changing the oil and should definitely be done. Putting oil in the gasket as well as filling the oil filter with oil preserves the correct oil pressure inside the tank. Not putting oil in the filter may result in an air pocket when you seal the drain valve and the filter itself. Watching any ez oil drain valve review will let you see that putting some oil on the gasket itself will help preserve the rubber seal and prevent them from cracking up in the long run.

So yes, it is important to put oil in the new replacement filter every time you conduct an oil change. The filter has a very important job of keeping the oil clean and old ones are most likely dirty at the time of the next oil change.

Can you drain the engine oil by simply removing the oil filter?

This is a straight-up no as it will only remove the oil in the filter itself as well as some oil in the tubing. If you are looking for a way to remove the oil without removing the plug try replacing your plug with an aftermarket oil drain valve plug as it is the simplest and easiest way to change oil there is.


Any aftermarket product will have its pros and cons, especially in the automotive industry. The gist of this is that no matter what anyone says, oil plug replacement valves make things unbelievably simpler and easier. This alone makes them a valuable addition to any engine, especially if it suits your needs. Remember that oil changes never need to be a mess and complicated and that with the correct materials it can be a breeze even for the ordinary guy.

The question of whether or not you should include one in your vehicle depends on what your requirements are. If you are the type who wants to get your hands dirty, the addition of an oil drain plug valve will be of tremendous help. Aside from the car being driven on rough terrain, we cannot see any reason why an aftermarket oil drain plug should not be used. An easier and faster way to change your engine’s oil will lead to savings in the long run, as well as keeping your car running in top condition.

It is important to keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure, and this is even more true when talking about vehicles. If you will get an aftermarket oil drain plug valve, get the one with the highest quality materials and the features that you need. Always consult professionals when doing your maintenance to avoid costly mistakes.