Yes, it is just about THAT time of the year again, the last month before the year ends. For gearheads though, it is time to change out your tires to snow tires, right? But why change it out though, when you can just use ice chains on your existing wheels!

Here we will talk about the best snow chains for 4x4 trucks and what makes them work. These chains are designed to be easy to attach to whatever existing wheelset you have. They enhance your tire traction in wet or snowy conditions.

10 Top Snow Chains For 4x4 Trucks

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Benefits of TPU Automotive Parts

TPU or thermoplastic urethane is a product of modern engineering and is a high-tech elastomer characterized by thermal stability as well as chemical and abrasion-resistant properties. Some of the best tire chains for pickup trucks are a combination of TPU and high-strength metal. Metal is strong but can be prone to corrosion, especially when exposed to harsh conditions. Metal can also weigh down your vehicle, making it consume more gas.

Aside from this, cable chains for trucks that are made of metal can be a bit hard to install. In contrast, pick up truck tire chains that are made with TPU can be installed even by the most novice of motorists. In fact, it just takes as little as 5 mere minutes to have these installed on any vehicle. On the flip side, these products are also a breeze to store when not in use.

Another benefit of TPU off road snow chains is that they provide a lot more grip on the road on any condition. This is because TPU can be easily molded to any shape and size. TPU will also be less prone to causing your tires damage, something that metal 4x4 snow chains are more likely to cause. These tire chains are also the most versatile as they can fit into just about any size of tires out there. They can quite literally help you out when you get stuck.

TPU vs Metal

In terms of brute strength alone, metal will win in that situation. However, when it comes to tire chains 4x4, it is not just about strength. Abrasion resistance as well as the material resistance to wear while accelerating and stopping is also important. Thermal stability, especially in very cold weather is something that gives TPU an advantage as the metal becomes brittle when exposed to extreme cold. TPU has a lot of advantages going for it number one is because of its lightweight and compact nature.

A thing to remember though, these TPU chains or metal chains for your light truck are not meant for long-term use, but rather for extreme conditions on a short-term basis.

What is Better: Tire Chains or Cables?

This is dependent entirely on the geography that you will be using your vehicle on as well as the way the chains are distributed on to the tire surface. There are three major ways that these add-ons are installed on tires:

  • the cable type;
  • the link type;
  • the diamond type of distribution on the tire surface.

Cable-type attachments are simply thick cables applied horizontally across the tire surface. This type is well suited to lower profile vehicles such as sedans. Diamond tire attachments have chains that are spread in a diamond pattern on the tire surface and are more suited to vehicles with electronic controlled traction systems.

Finally there is the tried and tested method of simply linking the chains around the rims and tires, and this is suited to vehicles with higher ground clearance, such as trucks and 4WD vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do 4×4 Trucks Need Snow Chains?

Although these trucks have larger and more specialized wheels for off road conditions, snow and the inherent dangers that they bring.

Instead of buying highly specialized snow tires, a snow chain is needed and works just as well.

Trucks, even if they are 4X4, still need snow chains to safely navigate in snowy conditions.

How to Put on Snow Chains on Tires?

It is relatively easy to put on snow chains in cars, especially if it is made of TPU. These attachments usually just snap on and some use ratchets to secure them to the tires.

ONe needs to simply lay the chain on the tire and move the vehicle forward until the whole tire has the chains fastened.

How Fast Can You Drive with Snow Chains?

The limit is between 20-30 mph and any faster would not be safe anymore.

It’s not because the chains might go off their fasteners but driving any faster in the conditions that required you to put snow chains in the first place would be hazardous.

What States Require Snow Chains for Trucks?

Except for Florida, pretty much all states have regulations for snow chains to be used for icy or snowy road conditions. However for winter specific traveling these are the 11 states that you need to bear in mind: California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

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