It’s important when buying snow chains for an RV to choose the right ones made of the right material by the best manufacturer.

The most family-friendly Honda Odyssey minivan conquers both city roads and the highways in the country, allowing the whole family to enjoy the journey. To be always comfortable on the road you need to take care of your car in time and buy only high-quality Wheel Chains for Odyssey.

Pay attention to the fact that the generation of minivans is big and with each new update the car is improving and trying on the improved characteristics. So when it is time to choose snow chains for Honda Odyssey turn your attention to whether the update is suitable for your car. Carefully study the specifications. Don’t forget that wheel chains to Odyssey can differ not only in color but also have different characteristics that are not always suitable for all models of the car.

Honda Odyssey is a great all-around RV and we have good snow chains for your car. Some people find that having a second RV to use to pull across snow makes snow chains for Honda Odyssey a must. We are going to share some of our favorite snow chains for Honda Odyssey in our buying guide.

10 Top Snow Chains For Honda Odyssey

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Things to Consider When Buying Snow Chains

Snow Chain Size

The first thing I look at when buying snow chains for my Honda Odyssey is what style of snow chains to buy. I want to make sure that they are the correct width and that they are for use in my model year.

Most snow chains will come in several widths so you need to be sure that the one you purchase works with the size trailer. This is more apparent with the older snowmobile tires on the back of the trailer. Most snow chains come in three different sizes but make sure that you order one that fits your particular trailer. Here is a general guide that will help you figure out which width will work best.

Honda Odyssey Snow Chains:

- 10-15/16- Inch Width

All modern snow chains for a Honda Odyssey should be 10.5 - 15 inches wide. They are designed for use on snowmobile tires.

- 16-19/16 Inch Width

This is the most common width and will work for most snowmobile tires from the ’60s (60-inch tires). New snowmobiles often have 80-inch snow tires which makes this size chain useless since the width is more than double the required width. If your Honda Odyssey has 76-80 inch snowmobiles on them, skip this snow chain and buy something else.

- 20-22/16 Inch Width

This is the most common width for snow mopeds or snow bikes

Tire sizes for Honda Odyssey by year

Year Trim Size
2020 Elite 235/55R19
2020 EX 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2020 EX-L 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2020 LX 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2020 Touring 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2019 Elite 235/55R19
2019 EX 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2019 EX-L 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2019 LX 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2019 Touring 235/60R18, 235/55R19
2018 Elite 235/55R19
2018 EX 235/60R18
2018 EX-L 235/60R18
2018 LX 235/60R18
2018 Touring 235/60R18
2017 EX 235/65R17
2017 EX-L 235/65R17
2017 LX 235/65R17
2017 SE 235/65R17
2017 Touring 235/60R18
2017 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2016 EX 235/65R17
2016 EX-L 235/65R17
2016 LX 235/65R17
2016 SE 235/65R17
2016 Touring 235/60R18
2016 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2015 EX 235/65R17
2015 EX-L 235/65R17
2015 LX 235/65R17
2015 Touring 235/60R18
2015 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2014 EX 235/65R17
2014 EX-L 235/65R17
2014 LX 235/65R17
2014 Touring 235/60R18
2014 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2013 EX 235/65R17
2013 EX-L 235/65R17
2013 LX 235/65R17
2013 Touring 235/60R18
2013 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2012 EX 235/65R17
2012 EX-L 235/65R17
2012 LX 235/65R17
2012 Touring 235/60R18
2012 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2011 EX 235/65R17
2011 EX-L 235/65R17
2011 LX 235/65R17
2011 Touring 235/60R18
2011 Touring Elite 235/60R18
2010 EX 235/65R16
2010 EX-L 235/65R16
2010 LX 235/65R16
2010 Touring 235/60R17


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