Don’t get stuck on the side of the road. Head to the mountains or ski resort with the right winter gear for your vehicle. Here is a buying guide to find snow chains and socks for Mazda CX5. Grip is our experience.
Compilation: Snow chains and socks for Mazda CX5
Looking for quality winter equipment for your vehicle? But you don’t know what to choose? Because even in 4×4 it is sometimes mandatory to have a snow equipment to go up in resort. So chains and snow socks for Mazda CX5? What is the best choice?

10 Top Snow Chains For Mazda Cx 5

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The question mark: Should I choose snow chains or snow socks?

It all depends on your situation. Indeed, if you are a permanent resident in a resort, even if equipped with snow tires, it would be interesting to invest in a pair of snow chains. Similarly, if you regularly go to the ski resort, it is better to take snow chains.

On the other hand, if you rarely go up to the winter sports or if you often change your vehicle, it is better to choose snow socks. Snow socks are very efficient but their budget is less important than chains.

Whether for intensive or occasional use, here is a selection of products. Drive safely in winter on snow or ice.

Mazda CX-5 User Manual helps you avoid mistakes when choosing chains.

Warning: The Mazda CX 5 is an SUV and not a sedan, given its weight, snow chains in 7 or 9mm links will not be compatible with this vehicle. The links are too thin and could break. Prefer 12mm chains or snow socks.

Choosing a snow chain


Choosing a snow chain
Tyre size Tyre chain
225/65R17 Hexagon type
225/55R19 Hexagon type


Selection criteria for snow chains

Depending on the characteristics of the road, climatic conditions and vehicle, chains with certain characteristics and configurations are selected. When buying, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Material and stiffness. For bad weather and ice, it is better to use rigid modifications, while for driving on snow or mud, plastic or rubber chains will do.
  • The duration and peculiarities of operation. There are chains that are used only for difficult areas and removed immediately after overcoming them. On sale there are both such models and variants for long rides, which can be used long and regularly.
  • Size. There are options for both cars and trucks. For standard tire sizes, it's easy to find a chain.

Even professional driving skills are not always enough to cope with adverse weather and road conditions. A special technical solution is required - the installation of snow chains on the wheels. They are made of metal, rubber or plastic elements, attached to the wheels, improve traction with the road surface and steerability of the car.

Tips and advices on YouTube

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