Today is the day when we will talk about wipers. To this question, our experts approached with full responsibility and analyzed the automobile market, and we looked through everything.

10 Top Windshield Wipers

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What are the types of wipers and what is their point?

Anything can happen on the road, all drivers know that. Safety knows no detail, it is necessary that everything was at the highest level and worked as it should. Wiper blades are the part of the car that cleans the windshield (and in some cases the rear) from dust, debris and, most importantly, water. All that interferes with the view of the road. Selection and purchase of wipers, the process to which you need to approach with full responsibility.

The difference is that the winter wipers the main feature - excellent elasticity and at severe frosts they almost do not freeze and do not cause scratches on the windshield of the car.

For the wipers to work at 100%, it is necessary that the rubber and the body have certain parameters and meet the requirements:

  • Fastening. The most ideal wipers have a universal mounting method. Which allows you not to bother with the purchase.
  • Length. This parameter should be taken into account under your car and the location of the mounts.
  • Material. The more qualitative composition of the material and design features of the rubber, the more and better they will last.
  • Cost. Correspondence of the price to the expectations from the wiper.

Frame windshield wipers

The most popular and common, among motorists, and we questioned the owners of cars such as vaz (2114, 2110, 2107, 2109), Kia (including Rio), Chevrolet, Toyota, Mazda, Audi and BMW with Volkswagen. Although, unfortunately, we could not collect enough data on the Ford, Honda, Peugeot, Skoda (including the common Octavia) and Mitsubishi. Frame products, due to their design feature, fit well around the entire perimeter. The material of the product - it's mostly plastic and rubber, metal. The same advantage is that the wipers of this type almost does not freeze, except at extreme temperatures, which gives them an additional advantage among competitors. Their cost is about the same quality. That is, the price / quality is quite low and service life is not high. Ends up for a couple of seasons, after which they scratch the glass, squeak/grind unpleasantly and do not fit properly, the quality of "cleaning" drops significantly. At the same time if you own a non-exotic or just an expensive car such as a Tuareg or Toyota Camry, although they are quite well installed. But if you own a Volkswagen Passat, Daewoo, Chevrolet Niva, Gazelle, Lada Kalina, Kia (Cid, Solaris) or Citroen, then the option is quite decent. Many car owners choose this option as the main, in spite of the disadvantages.

Frameless wiper blades

This type is very similar to a spoiler. Their material is plastic and rubber. There are 2 plates placed in the product, between them there is a rubber comb. It is this part that cleans the glass. In the center there is a fastener, and the ends are plugged with pads. This design scheme prevents icing. When working, there is no squeaking, the rubber insert is replaceable, that is an expendable in essence.

Hybrid wiper blades

Flexible and with a quality fit to different types of curves to the glass. A compromise between frameless brushes and frame brushes. The body of the product is located inside the body protecting against dust, a little dirt and icing, quite durable.


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