The Honda A12 service code is the Honda Maintenance Minder System alerting you to do some service for your vehicle. The system uses an onboard computer to monitor specific engine operating conditions and determine when to do the servicing. The Honda Maintenance Minder System displays different codes to interact with the driver. Some of the codes are A, B, 1,2,3,4,5, and 6. As such, when the code A12 appears on the dashboard, note that “A,” “1,” and “2” are different codes, and each stands for some action that needs to be taken. It’s apparent Honda is one of the car manufacturers that has provided adorable features for the market. Think of discoveries like the i-VTEC that reduced engine fuel consumption. And now the 2022 honda civic has driver assistance safety features. Well, let’s first look at the Honda Maintenance Minder System and later learn about the Honda Civic A12 service code.

Honda Maintenance Minder System

As the automakers compete to bring the best to the market, Honda isn’t left behind. Honda decided to research and come up with a solution for a digital service reminder instead of a maintenance schedule in the owner's manual. Additionally, there is no need for the next service record on the record papers. Honda Maintenance Minder System uses an onboard computer to monitor the engine operating conditions. Conditions monitored include the temperature, speed, time, and vehicle use to determine the actual time for regular maintenance. Honda Maintenance Minder System: photo That said, honda gives the user information on when to have the vehicle serviced. That aside, the cars are programmed with different codes based on the service type needed. The codes vary depending on the honda vehicle model and the trim level. For instance, when the honda civic is serviced, it starts to show engine oil life in percentage. At the start, the oil life percentage is at 100%. But as the service mileage nears, the percentage decreases. Once the oil life gets to 15%, the maintenance minder light will illuminate. And when it gets to zero, it will signal you the oil life is over. Below are examples of the warnings you will see once your engine oil life reaches a critical level:
15%  Service due soon Plan on taking your car to a trusted service shop for service and maintenance. 
5% Service due now Take your vehicle to the trusted auto service shop for the service. 
0% Service past due The car engine oil life has reached the end of its life, and you want to service the car immediately. 

What’s Included in the Honda A12 Service?

Each number in the Honda service A12 code has the service type it’s displaying. And even though the vehicle will display some information like “service due soon,” it’s essential to learn what the code means. Below we dive deeper into each code meaning:

A-Engine Oil and Filter Change

The first letter is “A” which signals you to change the car engine oil. Typically, you will have noticed the engine oil life percentage is at 15% if you drive a honda civic.

1-Tire Rotation and Pressure Check

The second letter is “1” which stands for rotate tires and check tire pressure. Why do you need to rotate the tires? Because the front tires wear down quickly due to steering and high disk brakes intensity. Also, the engine is located at the front part, which exerts more weight on the tires. So, you are required to rotate tires after covering a mileage of around 5000 to 7500 miles. Here is how you rotate the tires depending on your honda vehicle: Front Wheel Drive car: Move the front tires in the same left and right positions. Then, move the rear wheels to the front and switch them so that the one at the right rear goes left front and the left rear goes right front. Rear Wheel Drive Car: Move the rear wheels to the front in the same left and right positions. Then, move the front left tire to the back right, and the front right tire to the back left. Rear Wheel Drive Car: photo Afterward, balance the tire pressure and reset your Honda Maintenance Minder System.

2-Check Drive Belt and Replace Cabin & Engine Filters

The final code is “2” which means replace dust and pollen filter, engine air cleaner, and drive belt. For this service, you need to call or visit a specialist.

Features and Warning Signs to Note With Honda A12 Code

Apart from the oil life in percentage, other signs come with Honda pilot A12 service code. For instance, a yellow wrench spanner on display and the code A12, helps you to know service is near. It’s very beneficial if you dont understand the codes.

How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder System in a Honda Civic

It’s necessary to reset the service light after every service. And the manual procedure is standard in most modern Honda car models. Below is the procedure: Step 1: Press the START/STOP button twice for keyless cars and if you use key ignition, turn the key to the second position but dont start the engine. Step 2: Look for maintenance notifications on display and use the left button on the steering wheel to scroll to the oil life option. How to Reset the Maintenance Reminder System: photo Step 3: Hold the button for around 10 seconds. It will get you to the maintenance reset option. Step 4: Select what you intend to reset.

How Much Does the Honda A12 Service Cost?

Honda service code A12 charges vary depending on the dealer. But on average, you can spend around $200 to $279.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

For How Long Can You Drive After the A12 Service Notice Came Up?

If the car gives you oil life notifications at 15%, you can drive to the service shop for service before it gets to 5%. However, you shouldn’t drive for a long journey because Honda maintenance A12 means you should change the oil and air filters, rotate the tires, and balance tire pressure.

What Are the Honda Service Codes?

A Change engine oil. 
Change engine oil and oil filter. Then, clean and lubricate the front and rear brakes. Adjust the parking brake. 
0 Multi-point inspection required
1 Rotate tires and check the pressure.
2 Change engine and cabin filters and drive belt. 
Change transmission fluid.
4 Change spark plugs and adjust the valves. 
5 Change engine coolant. 
6 Change rear differential fluid.
7 Change brake fluid. 
Note that these codes are similar in various Honda models. So, the Honda Accord A12 service, Honda fit A12 service, Honda civic A12 service, and other mode codes are similar. .

Our Recap

The Honda A12 service code in Civic models means you replace the engine oil, cabin filter, engine filter, drive belt, rotate the tires, and check tire pressure. Note that the codes may vary depending on the Honda car model. Always learn to use the Honda Maintenance Minder System codes to service the car on time.