Modern automakers have brought awesome features to the market. And one of the great features of several cars nowadays is the smart key system. Honda is one of the automakers on the first line with these smart key systems.

See, the smart key system uses a key fob to help you open the doors or start the car engine. Instead of the traditional car keys, the system uses short-range radio transmitters. The key fob will send specific pseudo-random token codes to communicate with the car lock system, and the doors will open. Surprisingly, all you need is to have the key fob in your pocket and be at least 32 inches from the car.

However, these systems can be frustrating when they fail. And in this article, we have decided to guide you on the Honda smart key system warning light reset. Let’s go!

What is the Smart Entry System?

The smart entry system is the newer technology in most cars, including Honda. It allows the driver to open the doors and perform many other functions without using the key or the key fob. It also saves the car from theft because its immobilizer unit prevents the engine from starting if there is no key fob around.

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How The Honda Key System Works

Ahem! There are several activities you can perform with the key fob. Let’s now learn Honda smart key fob functions in detail:

Locking/Unlocking the Vehicle

This is the most common function of the honda smart key system. You only press the lock and unlock buttons to lock or open the doors. However, you don’t need to press the buttons with some models, like the Honda Accord. If you have the key fob in your pocket, you just need to touch the door handle, and the doors will automatically open.

Remote Start

Vehicles have a specific button to start or switch off the engine on the dashboard or near the steering wheel. Once in the car, you need to press the button, and the system will sense the key fob in your pocket and start the engine.

Open the Trunk

Most key fobs door opening function is different from the trunk. However, you can press a specific key designed for the trunk, and it will open.

Roll Down the Windows

You can roll down the windows from the outside with the key fob in specific Honda car models. The key programming may be different, so you can check with the user manual how to press it and the number of times you can press it.

Memory Seat Presets

There are specific buttons you can program to preset the memory seats to your liking. And every time you get to the car, the seats will adjust to your preferred position.

What Does The Smart Entry System Indicator Light Mean?

The car displays the smart entry system indicator light to let you know there is a problem detecting the key fob. Mostly, the key light will be orange or red if the key fob isn’t detected. But if the key fob is detected, the system displays a green light on the dashboard. Usually, the light appears with Honda key sign on dashboard.

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How to Solve the Warning Light Problem From the Honda Smart Key

Fortunately, there are several ways you can try to fix the dashboard warning Honda smart key system warning light before calling a specialist. Read on!

1. Check the Battery on Your Keyfob

Key fob batteries can go for a long period before they drain. But if they are low, you will have trouble opening the car doors, starting the engine, or performing other functions. Ideally, replace the key fob battery if you see Honda fit key light on dash and see if the system will function. This also applies to other Honda models.

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2. Reset the Honda Smart Key System to Fix the Warning Light

Switch off the car engine and bring the key fob closer to the START/STOP button. Then, press the button until the car gets to ACC mode. Finally, hold the button for around five seconds and release it. Press the brakes and try to start the engine. You will note the warning light has gone off.

3. Fix or Replace Your Engine Start/Stop Button

A faulty START/STOP button is another cause of the smart entry system light Honda Accord and other models. This will require a professional if you don’t have the car’s electrical wiring knowledge. A professional will remove the button and use a screwdriver to access the connector at the back. They will clean the connectors and assemble the button for reinstallation.

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4. Check for Electronic Interference

Cell phones, garage door openers, and other remotes can cause electronic interference because they use radio transmitters as key fobs. Try to remove anything that might interfere with the key fob signal and try to start or open the car doors.

5. Check the Immobilizer Unit

The immobilizer unit helps to detect the key fob and prevent the car from starting if the key fob isn’t around. However, it’s the main cause of Honda smart entry system problems. Unfortunately, you will have to call a professional to fix it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Does The Smart Entry System Indicator Light Mean?

The smart entry system indicator light means the system cannot detect your key fob. This can happen if you have the wrong key fob in your pocket or the key fob battery is low. Ideally, confirm you have the right key fob or replace the battery.

Can I Drive My Car If the Smart Key System Warning Light is On?

You can drive with the yellow key sign on dashboard if it illuminates when the engine is running. But if the engine is off, you will not be able to start it. Ideally, don’t turn off the engine until you get to a safe parking area to start troubleshooting.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix the Smart Key System?

The cost may vary depending on the problem. It will cost you little if you need to replace the key fob battery. However, if you have complex issues like the immobilizer unit failure, it can cost you a huge amount of money to fix.

My Car is Having Trouble Starting, Should I Take it to a Mechanic?

If the car fails to start when the smart key system light is on, you can try to replace the key fob battery or reset the system. Call a mechanic or tow it to the nearest dealer for repair if all fails.


You have now understood the car key symbol meaning. The Honda smart key system warning light reset is a simple process that will take a little time. You must first check the key fob battery, reset the smart key system, and check for electronic interference.

However, if the above tips fail, tow your car to the mechanic to check the engine start/stop button or the immobilizer unit. It’s true technology has some benefits and drawbacks. But we have to embrace it because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. See you as we address another challenge.