Your Toyota vehicle is made by keeping safety in mind, and it has plenty of features that reflect this which includes the Toyota immobilizer. Regardless of the fact that you are driving the vehicle or simply have it packed, the immobilizer is what focuses on keeping your vehicle protected. Toyota immobilizer is a state-of-the-art system which is designed to be anti-theft and keeps your car safe. This system does not only work when the car is running but also when you leave it parked in any garage. However, how does this system work and how can you bypass it? Read on below and find out all about it. Also read about: Best Key Programming Machine for All Cars

What Does The Toyota Immobilizer System Do?

Toyota keys and Smart Keys have an electric code present on them. As soon as you insert this key in your car’s ignition, there is an electric code present on the key which is transmitted to the vehicle. If this code is the same as the code on the immobilizer, the engine will start. However, if the code is not the same as its counterpart then the engine will refuse to start and no one will be able to steal your vehicle. Some Toyota cars also have a Smart Key fob and this smart key also has a code that works similarly; it transmits the code and if the code matches then you can drive away otherwise you won’t be able to use your car at all. Even though this Toyota anti-theft system with engine immobilizer is incredibly crucial for safety, sometimes it can malfunction and even deny you access to your own car; if such a situation occurs, then you must know how to bypass the immobilizer and start your vehicle.

How to Deactivate Toyota Immobilizer: Step By Step Guide

Learning all about Toyota immobilizer bypass is crucial for a Toyota owner. Whether you have a Corolla or a Camry, the immobilizer system can malfunction randomly without you knowing about it. This can become very troublesome, especially if you are in a hurry and can’t do anything about it. Moreover, in cases of malfunctioning, you can make your car more vulnerable to theft and while servicing and repairing is a helpful choice, it can become very expensive to do that. Another reason why you should learn how to deactivate Toyota immobilizer is if you own a second-hand car and you want to change the immobilizer. So if you want to disable immobilizer, then continue reading.

Step 1: Check Your Car Key And The Door Cylinder

If your engine refuses to work and you know that it is because of the immobilizer then you must check two things right away; your car keys and the door cylinder. When checking the key, you need to make sure that the key is the right one. This applies in cases when you own a Toyota smart key, or if you own two different keys for the ignition and door, separately. Another thing to check is whether your smart key fob has problems with its battery. If there are problems and you think that the battery on the smart key is not working, then get it replaced immediately. Once you have checked the keys, you can now check the door cylinder to see if it has any problems. Now when burglars force open your vehicle door,, they can get quite rough with it, and this roughness causes great damage to the door cylinder. This damage alters the shape of the cylinder and if this is the case then you should get it fixed immediately. However, if you find no problem with the shape of the cylinder, then you can move on and follow the next step.

Step 2: Bypassing The Toyota Immobilizer System

The next step consists of learning how to bypass immobilizer, and to do that, you only need the Toyota door key. Use this key and insert it in to check the anti-theft light which you can find on the dashboard. This light usually has a red or blue color. Once located, you can turn the ignition on but make sure you only turn on the accessories and not the engine. Let your key stay in this place for around ten to fifteen minutes, and during this time, keep on checking the anti-theft light. If this light doesn’t blink, then you can switch off the car accessories and ignition, giving your car some time to rest for three to five minutes. This resting time is essential and it makes the immobilizing system reset itself completely and it also makes it recognize the key. Once the resting period is over, you can once again start the car’s engine and it will work. If this does not work then you can repeat this bypassing process again to make it work.

Step 3: Using The Toyota Car Door Key

In order to learn how to bridge immobilizer in another way, simply grab your car keys and follow the advice mentioned below. Start by placing the key in your door lock and try to unlock it; however, under no circumstances should you open the car door. Let this key be in place for thirty seconds since this will allow the immobilizer system to recognize the key. Once the key is recognized, turn it left and right which will lock and unlock your car door. This action is what helps with Toyota immobilizer reset if the key is recognized. Now you can turn on the engine while your door is in an unlocked state. In case this does not work, you can get a Toyota immobilizer reset tool that can help you with this issue as well. Some hack you can wathc in this video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can The Toyota Anti Theft System Get Reset?

If you are unable to turn on your engine then the easiest way to fix this issue is by using your key. For Toyota immobilizer reset you need to make your car recognize the key and this means that you insert the key for ten to fifteen minutes while all the car’s accessories are up and running. The anti-theft light will be turned on and this shows that the immobilizer is also working. Once the key is recognized, the anti-theft system will automatically reset as the light will go off.

Now you can turn the car’s engine on and drive away. Another way to reset your system is through your Smart Key and the panic button present on it. Long press this button and the anti-theft system will restore back to its factory setting.

Is The Immobilizer System Easy To Bypass?

Yes, the Toyota engine immobilizer bypass is very much possible if you know what to do. In order to bypass the system all you need to do is place your key in the car’s keyhole and let it be in this position. After a few minutes have passed, the immobilizer will match the code with the key, recognize it and allow you to start the engine.

By following these steps, you can successfully carry out Toyota immobilizer bypass. However, if you have the right tools, then you can easily bypass the ECU immobilizer Toyota without a key.

Can You Deactivate Your Toyota Immobilizer?

There are many ways to turn off your immobilizer, such as using the key on the ignition or on the car door. In order to make your immobilizer inactive, simply use your key on the car door or the ignition and let it stay for a couple of minutes. This gives the immobilizer ample time to acknowledge the key and once it has and the anti-theft light is turned down, you can reset the system.

However, if you want to completely deactivate the immobilizer system then you can hack the system by using a specific program.

Why Is Your Immobilizer Light Turned On?

The immobilizer light is either in red or blue color, and it indicates if the key you are using is right or not. Once you turn the engine on using the right key, then you will see a solid light that stays put and then goes off after some time. However, sometimes the light can start flickering, and if this happens, then it means you are using the wrong key.

Is The Immobilizer Code Easy To Find?

Your immobilizer code is very handy when you need to reprogram your car keys or simply want to alter the immobilizer system. In order to get your hands on this code you must go back to the dealership where you got your car from.

All you need to show the dealership is your car papers proving that you own the car, your identity card and also the vehicle identification number and you can get the code right away.


Toyota immobilizer is a very significant part of your vehicle and aims to keep it protected. Without this system, your car can be vulnerable to theft attempts; however, despite its immense importance, there are times where this system can be annoying. Car immobilizer can malfunction and also deny you access, and in such cases, the steps mentioned above can help you out. So read the article above and keep your car running in all circumstances, and don't forget, to avoid complications, you can always opt for professional help.