If you are looking for information on how to transport a Christmas tree, then you have come to the right place. Not just that but here, you will also learn about the basics, such as how to transport a Christmas tree without a roof rack, as well as how to tie a Christmas tree to your car properly. Christmas is literally just around the corner and hauling Christmas trees is high on the top of everybody's list. We have you covered with these, and as you might have guessed, preparation is key to successfully bringing a beautiful tree for this time of the year. Well then, let’ get right to it! The big four That is right, getting that tree from the lumber yard to your house can be achieved with four simple and straightforward steps. Take a closer look at them below.

1. Take measurements of your home and car

This is non-negotiable, if you will attempt to transport a Christmas tree on roof of car, you have to ensure that it will, in fact, fit. Measure the space where the tree will be positioned as well in your living room to avoid the unfortunate incident of the tree not being able to fit in your doorway. The general rule of thumb is that the size of the tree should be just right that you can manage it by your lonesome. If this is not the case, make sure to get a tree that fits this requirement. Measurement is how to put Christmas tree on car 101.

2. Wrap it up like a present

If you plan on driving with tree on car, make sure that you have a tarp or at least a blanket to roll the tree neatly in a bundle as you drive. This will prevent the branches from snagging into obstacles, ruining the tree, or worse, hurting someone. Before heading out though, check the weather conditions as it is not a great situation to have a tree on car while facing heavy rains or snow.

3. The correct side up

Surprisingly, there is a right side up when moving the yuletide tree, and that is to make sure that the top is pointing towards the direction you are going. Number one this offers a more streamlined approach to transporting the tree, and two, it will avoid damage to the tree branches as it is being transported. Driving with the stump of the tree facing forward is like running with the wrong side of an umbrella facing the wrong way.

4. Secure the tree with Cords or Bungee Rope

Securing the tree will involve straps or bungee ropes, but whatever you have, make sure that it is snug to avoid accidents. If you have a roof rack, it is better and easier. If you do not have a roof rack, put some type of cover between the tree and your roof, such as styrofoam or thick cardboard to avoid scratching up your vehicle roof. Not just that this will also provide traction so that the tree will not slide up and down as you drive along. Open your car doors as well when fastening the cords, and not just the windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will a Christmas Tree Scratch the Top of My Car?

If you have a roof rack installed, chances are it will not scratch your car’s roof. However, for those who do not, it may just do that. To avoid this, put cardboard or styrofoam on top of your car, as well as wrap your tree in a blanket or tarp as you transport.
Doing this makes it easier for the tree to be handled avoiding unnecessary slippage.

How Do You Secure a Christmas Tree on a Car?

Whether or not your vehicle has a roof rack installed, secure the cargo with bungee ropes or ratchet straps, whichever one you may have. Loop the straps onto the tree itself while putting a force that’s just enough to prevent movement as you drive along.
Additionally, while strapping the tree down, open the doors and not just the windows (if you have no roof rack) to make sure that the straps or rope are snug and won’t loosen.

Can You Transport a Tree on Its Side?

For all intents and purposes, it is just not safe to transport a Christmas tree standing up. Not only is it not safe but it is just not efficient to be doing that.
The safest way would be to transport the tree on its side as it won’t alter the height clearance of your vehicle too much. Furthermore, transporting it vertically will present too much wind resistance and may cause an accident.

Can I Fit a Christmas Tree in My Car?

This is the reason why it is very important to measure your car as well as the space where the tree is going to make sure that it fits. Most SUVs can fit a tree on the larger side, and a smaller tree will fit a sedan with no problems.
However just to be sure, measure your vehicle before you venture into the tree yard to choose. For larger than average trees, almost any size can fit on the roof of an SUV or car.

How Do You Wrap a Christmas Tree?

Typically, a newly cut tree will have protective netting to prevent the branches from sticking out too much. This prevents the tree from being damaged as well as it makes it so much easier to lug around.
Once the season is over, you can re-use the netting, or barring that, a tarp will do as well.
This is extremely helpful especially if you plan on recycling the tree for other purposes or just taking it away for disposal.


Yes, even this article makes us realize that it really is that time of the year again. However, transporting a Christmas tree need not be a chore if you keep an eye out for the four things we mentioned above. The key is prepping the cargo properly, and really, it is no different from hauling off any item of similar size and shape. The important thing, to remember is that it fits the roof of the vehicle, it is properly secured with straps or rope, and that it is laying on its side to avoid too much wind drag as you drive. The Christmas tree most of all symbolizes the spirit of the yuletide season and will forever be part of it. Taking it home safely is a good start for the celebrations to come. Whether you put it on the roof of your car or in the boot, transporting your Christmas tree home from the tree lot can be tricky. This video shows you how to tie a tree to your car.