Understanding Honda B12 Service: What The Code Means

The Honda B12 service code is one of the technological advancements Honda manufacturer is making to improve its cars for the market. In the past, you would always keep an ear on the engine sound and regularly check other components to ensure they appropriately function. But that’s not the case with modern cars. Nowadays, the car informs you of any possible issue on the dashboard. Thanks to technological advancement.

Understanding Honda B12 Service: What The Code Means: image

In 2005, Honda introduced a vital maintenance Minder system to help owners know the scheduled maintenance is due. Models like Honda Accord 2006 to 2010, Honda Civic and Ridgeline 2006 to 2010, 2007 to 2010 Honda CRV, Element, and fit all were equipped with the new technology. Also, Honda Odyssey 2005 to 2010, the 2006 to 2011 Honda Pilot, and the 2010 Honda Insight were equipped with the new technology.

Below we have further discussed what the B12 code means and how the Maintenence Minder system works. Read on!

What Is a B12 Service?

The Maintenance Minder system activates the Honda B12 maintenance Honda code to inform the car owner the scheduled maintenance is due. Usually, the services require the car owner to perform three things: Change the oil and oil filter, rotate the tires, and change the engine air cleaner and cabin air filter. The service may also require you to perform visual checks for the fluids like the brakes and windshield washers. You may also check the brake pads, the suspension, and the drive belt.

On the other hand, the Maintenance Minder is an onboard computer that continuously monitors the engine operating conditions, such as the speed, temperature, and time to determine when to change various components. The system indicates the engine oil life in the form of percentages. For instance, when fresh oil is added, the system will indicate 100% and calculate it downwards as the oil life reduces.

Usually, the system illuminates light to inform you the service is due when the oil life reaches 15%. Also, every time you turn on the vehicle engine, the system will show you the progression of various components. But if the progression is turned off, you can depress the select knob on the information display and see the progression.

A Breakdown of the Services and Their Importance

On the Honda B12 maintenance minder service code, we will break down what each code stands for. Check the information below:

B – change oil and oil filter.
1 – Rotate the car tires.
2 – Replace engine and cabin filters.

Oil and the oil filter change can easily be done within 30 minutes to one hour. It’s important to know that engine oil and the filter are essential for the smooth running of the engine. Once the oil loses its lubrication capabilities, it can result in premature wear. Also, the engine may consume more fuel to run. You will have to access the drain plug under the engine to change the engine oil and filter.

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Secondly, tire rotation is done to maintain the car tires. In the tire rotation process, the tires are alternated at intervals. The practice elongates the tire life by ensuring the degeneration of the thread, and general wear is spread evenly across all tires. This is also the right time to inspect the condition of the tires, as some may wear fast due to driving skills or road conditions.

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The engine air filter ensures the air-to-fuel ratio is balanced with clean air. On the other hand, the cabin filter allows clean air for the car occupants. You access the engine air filter by opening the hood and checking around the engine air inlet pipe. The cabin filter is located behind the glove compartment.

The proper functioning of the brakes is vital for your safety and that of other road users. Also, the windshield washer fluid is essential for clear vision.

Note that service due soon B12 technology isn’t available in older models. We’re referring to the Honda Civic B12 service and Honda Accord B12 service together with the newer Honda cars like the Civic in this article.

How to Reset the Service Light on a Honda B12 Service

If you have checked everything and the light doesn’t go off, perform a simple procedure to have the light off. Press the trip button until the oil life is displayed on the dashboard. Then, hold the button until the oil life flashes. Finally, release the trip button and hold it again. The oil life will show 100%.

Some Honda models have a steering wheel button to reset the service light. Press the down arrow button until the oil life is displayed. Then, press and hold the reset button until it displays the options cancel or reset on the dashboard. Press the up arrow to select reset and press the reset button. The oil life will show 100%.

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Finally, there are some Honda models with a touch screen. For example, you can see the maintenance B12 Honda Accord on the touch screen. Press the home button and choose settings. Scroll down to maintenance info under the vehicle settings, and the reset screen will pop up. Press reset, and the oil life will read 100%.

At What Intervals Should One Service Their Honda?

Service intervals depend on the miles driven than the time oil and other components changed. For instance, you can rotate the tires every 3500 miles. You can check and change the air filters after 25000 miles and the brake pads after 35000 miles. On the other hand, the oil mileage depends on the brand and type you use. Confirm with the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Much Does the Honda B12 Service Cost?

B12 Honda service code costs vary depending on where you service your vehicle. If you choose to do it yourself, you will save on the labor costs but ensure you know how the components work. The official labor cost is $120 per hour. Note that you will have to purchase other components that need to be changed.

For How Long Can You Drive After the B12 Service Notice Came Up?

Typically, the Honda cars will notify you when the oil life is 15%. At this point, you can drive for a few miles but ensure you service the vehicle before oil life gets to 0%.

In Summary

The Honda B12 service code reminds you that your car needs oil and oil filter changes. The code also informs you of the tire rotation, engine air, and cabin air filter change. You will see this in various car models with newer technologies from Honda, for example, B12 Honda Civic or the Honda Pilot B12 service. Note that failure to service the vehicle can lead to the wearing of various components.